waiting for ethan

Do you like ghost stories? Mysteries? Romances set in a small New England town? How about culture clash romances where the hero and the heroine come from different sides of the tracks? Yes? Super! Rush right over to Amazon right now and download my new ebook Waiting for Ethan. In the book, Joyce is forced to choose between two lovers: one is the most eligible bachelor in all of Mystic Harbor, and the other is, unfortunately, dead.  A lighthouse, an orchard, a high school dance — Mack and Joyce are about to discover the dark side of love as they unravel the thirty-year-old mystery that left one young girl Waiting for Ethan. And look, back when the book was in print, I got a wonderful review from the biggest magazine in the industry, Romantic Times. Here’s what they had to say about Waiting for Ethan. RT (aka Romantic Times Magazine) Review: “This haunting tale of a love that transcends time, space and even death is reminiscent of a Victoria Holt novel. When the main character, Joyce, is torn between the love of a ghost and that of a living, breathing man, she finds that some decisions can be deadly. WhenRead More →