Universal Studios

When I moved from New Jersey to California, I was all alone. My friend Jeannie had flown out with me, but after a week of playing tourist, I put her on the plane back home. That was a tough day. I had a return trip ticket, because it had been cheaper to buy a round trip than a one-way, so I could have called it off then and there. I was tempted, but I gathered up my courage and my sense of adventure and said good-bye. About now, you’re wondering what all of this has to do with the famous horror hostess Elvira, but stick with me, I’m getting there. As I walked away from that airplane terminal, I wondered if I had made the right choice. Later, as I stood in line to rent a car (mine was being trucked out from NJ and wouldn’t arrive for several weeks), I was sure I’d made a mistake. What was I doing in this big, smoggy city, so far from home? I had moved to Los Angeles to be closer to my beloved television industry, but I had signed a contract to teach school out in a small, desert town severalRead More →

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated with Universal Studios, Hollywood! Many of my favorite shows were filmed there including Alias Smith and Jones and Battlestar Galactica. The Hardy Boys even filmed a whole episode where the boys were chased around the backlot by an evil phantom. When I was a teenager, I got to go to Universal for the first time and it was as magical as I knew it would be. Many years later, I moved from there to here, bought a Universal Studios pass then visited several times a month, mostly to ride the tram around and around. I started collecting Universal Studios memorabilia around that time. My collection isn’t huge but I still add to it now and then, when I find something cool.  And I found several cool things recently, so here we go. The mug you see above was a carefully maneuvered Christmas gift. I found it on eBay and offhandedly told my husband how much I loved it. What’s unusual about the mug is the coloring. It’s a light brown with baby blue and baby pink highlights. It’s also textured. Very cool. The mug looks like it’s from the seventiesRead More →