star wars

I don’t remember how I first learned about Star Wars, but I do recall my being desperate to see it. Lucky for me, the movie was going to premiere at a theater in Philadelphia – just a quick train ride from my home town in NJ. Then, I got even luckier. A local radio station was giving away tickets, not to the premiere, but to a special, private screening. The winners also got a Star Wars prize pack with a pin and the movie soundtrack. All you had to do to win was be the correct caller and answer which of two musical groups had “the force”. For days on end, I sat in my room with the phone in my lap dialing and dialing in hopes of being the right caller. For days on end, I got nothing but busy signals. Once or twice a voice would answer and my heart would leap. “You’re caller number 6. Try again.” Click. So close and yet so far. This was back in the days when we only had one phone, which means I had to keep my family off the line so I could keep dialing for Darth. It was aRead More →