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Sam. Dean. Castiel. The Impala. A Devil’s Trap – You know what I’m talking about and so does Angel of AngelQ Expressions on Etsy. She stopped by (virtually) to talk about the show, her creations and this very special fandom. How did you get into fandom in the first place? Angel: I can honestly say that the fandom found me and I am thrilled! I tend to get obsessed about my favorite things like Supernatural or Horror Movies or even coffee (and recently Saturday Morning Cartoons). I made and sold and my first Supernatural piece in May of 2009, which was the Exorcism Protection Amulet Beaded Necklace with Hematite. I was one of only a couple of shops back then that even made Supernatural-themed jewelry. Somehow, somewhere word got out and it’s been a whirlwind of Good Vibes from fans and friends alike ever since. I absolutely love our SPN Family. I really do. I’ve seen first hand what we can accomplish when we work together, from supporting charities like ‘A Dog’s Life Rescue’ to helping Supernatural win People’s Choice Awards through our diligent voting. Bobby Singer was right. Family don’t end with blood. What’s one of your favorite episodesRead More →

Marilyn Case has been designing jewelry for 15 years. A fan of Supernatural, she was inspired by Mary’s hunter bracelet and that sent her on her own hunt to find charms that symbolized the important icons from the show. She had intended to make one just for herself, but ended up donating two to fan-run charity auctions. So many people saw them and loved them that she decided to start making and selling them on a regular basis. This week, Marilyn takes the crafty seat to talk about her love of Supernatural, her jewelry and her fannish biz. Marilyn Case of Jewelry By Marilyn Website: Jewelry by Marilyn Etsy Store: Jewelry by Marilyn How did you get into fandom in the first place? Marilyn: Been a fan of Supernatural since the pilot. I was a fan of X-Files, Buffy, Firefly, all kinds of genre TV and movies. You’re obviously a Supernatural fan – what’s one of your favorite episodes or moments from the show? Marilyn: Love the serious shows, but some of the comedic ones are among my favorites. “French Mistake”, “Mystery Spot”, and “Changing Channels” to name a few. “Heart”, “All Hell Breaks Loose” and “Swan Song” are theRead More →