Planet of the Apes

July was Planet of the Apes month around my house. This past Sunday, we went to see the original 1968 feature film on the big screen, thanks to Fathom Entertainment and TCM. It’s wonderful to see these old films the way they were meant to be seen. If only I could have seen them without prior knowledge of the plot points! It would have been wild to get that first glimpse of gorillas on horseback, hear them utter their first words or see that final ‘gotcha’ shot as an uninformed viewer. It was still great to see it so large and uncut but so much of the joy of the movie is in the reveals. We’ve seen a few of these TCM Fathom Events at the theater but this one was extra special. Usually,  host Ben Mankiewicz kicks off each flick with a little bit of history and trivia. But this time, he interviewed a special guest, Dr. Zaius. What a wit! I didn’t see this movie in the theater during the first run (I was a bit too young) but I did see it on the big screen when I was in my teens. Anyone remember the Jerry LewisRead More →