This is the story of how the internet saved Tinker Bell. Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Goodwill, there was a beautiful box and in it was a sweet Disney fairy named Tinker Bell. She was balancing on a block on a bookshelf, laughing so hard the block was tipping over. But something was wrong. Tinker Bell’s fairy glow was missing. A fair maiden (me) came along one day and was immediately drawn to the lovely box with the gold frame. It was like looking into a doll house window. If only there was a light inside so you could see better! The fair maiden (me), examined the underside of the heavy box and found there was a place for batteries but the on / off switch was missing. The plastic plate said on / off. There was a hole for an on / off switch but no switch. Curious, she spun the box around and found a label that said The Art of Disney by Robert “Bob” Olszewski. She recognized that name. The fair maiden’s mate had a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea submarine with the name markings. Surely, this was an amazing find. But how couldRead More →