Saving Hill has a new cover! It was designed by my friend Juanita Campbell. (Leave a comment if you’d like to get in touch with her.) I think it truly captures the cold and lonely feeling that consumes Charlie Hill as he lives out his life at the Lakeland Psychiatric Hospital. Creative therapist Abby Westin believes there’s something more insidious about Hill’s affliction. She calls on Hill’s best friend, cyber cop Mitch Jackson for help but even they begin to have their doubts when Hill is accused of murder. What’s really going on inside Hill’s mind? That’s the big question in my first “Jacks and Hill” mystery. Read the first chapter here or head over to Amazon to buy the Kindle book. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read Saving Hill for FREE! So why not give it a go. If you do read the book, please consider leaving me a review on Amazon.Read More →

Every week, people and businesses throw out $1,000’s of dollars worth of useable goods. Sometimes they do it because they need to clean out fast and don’t have the time or brain space to sort the bad from the good. Others don’t think there’s any value in an old or broken item but most simply don’t care. They want it gone and throwing it out is easier than taking it to Goodwill. Once some throws an item in the trash, it’s fair game. Anyone can take it and keep it or resell it for a profit. That’s right, there’s gold in them thar trashcans. My new ebook eBay with Empty Pockets is all about how to find free and nearly free items that you can sell online. It’s not a get rich quick book and it’s not a book for those who lack a sense of adventure. It’s a book for people who have more time than money and who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Yes, I’m talking about dumpster diving but that’s not the only way to snag free goods. When our neighbors were moving out, they had a huge pile of items they wanted to give awayRead More →