In this excerpt from my book eBay with Empty Pockets dedicated to the subject of Dumpster Diving. Are you brave enough to go digging for hidden gold? If so, grab my ebook at Amazon now. Americans throw away millions of dollars worth of perfectly good items every week. Some people simply don’t see the value in that old coat or broken phone, but others simply don’t care. They’re done with an item, so they toss it to make room for the replacement and then some. And that’s nothing compared to what retail stores and businesses throw out every day. Customer returns, damaged goods, out of season items and bad buys – tons and tons of usable items headed for the landfill unless you get there first. That’s called dumpster diving.Read More →

You’ve been thinking about selling on eBay, haven’t you? So stop thinking and get doing because now is the very best time of year to start an eBay business. Here’s why: 1. eBay sales skyrocket in the last quarter of the year Once the kids go back to school, eBay sales begin to climb, reaching an all time high every December. This happens for two reasons. First, when kids go back to school and the weather changes, people stay home and stay indoors. Vacations are over. Nighttime BBQ’s are over. We’re indoors and bored. And bored means time spent on the internet. The second reason is the coming holidays. Back-to-school, Halloween and then Christmas are all big buying holidays and people are happy to buy used items on eBay. From old backpacks to costumes your kids have outgrown to one-of-a-kind collectible gifts – people find it and sell it on eBay. 2. If you’re new, you need ramp up time If you’ve never sold on eBay or haven’t sold much, eBay puts limits on your account, so you want to start now, in the summer, so you have time to build up your account before the crazy season hits. YouRead More →

Every week, people and businesses throw out $1,000’s of dollars worth of useable goods. Sometimes they do it because they need to clean out fast and don’t have the time or brain space to sort the bad from the good. Others don’t think there’s any value in an old or broken item but most simply don’t care. They want it gone and throwing it out is easier than taking it to Goodwill. Once some throws an item in the trash, it’s fair game. Anyone can take it and keep it or resell it for a profit. That’s right, there’s gold in them thar trashcans. My new ebook eBay with Empty Pockets is all about how to find free and nearly free items that you can sell online. It’s not a get rich quick book and it’s not a book for those who lack a sense of adventure. It’s a book for people who have more time than money and who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Yes, I’m talking about dumpster diving but that’s not the only way to snag free goods. When our neighbors were moving out, they had a huge pile of items they wanted to give awayRead More →