Starving in a Warmer Climate

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an actress. After appearing in dozens of plays in front of imaginary audiences, then dozens of local community plays in front of a real audience, I decided to pursue the craft as a career.

I bought a book about how to make it in the acting biz and the first thing I learned was that you had to decide if you wanted to live in New York or Los Angeles. At the time, these were the only two choices. New York was theater, soaps and commercials. Los Angeles was TV and movies. Was one easier to break into than the other for a young character actress?

No, said the book. The only difference between pursuing an acting career in New York and pursuing an acting career in Los Angles, was that in Los Angeles you starve in a warmer climate.

I think that line was meant to dissuade people from going into the business because there were already too many actors for every available job. The last thing any actor needs is more competition. I wasn’t swayed. I knew I had the passion and the talent to make it. . . .or so I thought.

Starving in a Warmer Climate is a book about how I went from aspiring actress, to small town school teacher to journalist on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and back to acting again.

Since I’ve been working on the full-length book forever, I thought I’d share some of the chapters here and now. Since they’ll be scattered across my blog in reverse order, I put together this page as an index for those who prefer to be sequential.

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Here we go!

Starving 2

Index of excerpts:

The episode where Cynthia sees Star Wars before almost anyone else

The episode where Cynthia finds the Elvira Cup

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