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    Cool Find: Casting notes from Irwin Allen’s Time Travelers

    If you’re new around here, you may not know that I’m a freak for anything Irwin Allen. He’s the guy who created Lost in Space and Land of the Giants and he’s the evil genius behind Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno and a little known movie of the week called Time Travelers. (There’s no official release but you can find it on the end of the Time Tunnel series box set.) Related Images:

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    The episode where Cynthia almost joins a planner cult

    I’ve known about these planner people for some time now. I even follow a few dabblers on YouTube, but last week I found myself watching one planner video after enough, subscribing to their channels, even checking out their embellishment suppliers on Etsy. Part of me knew I was headed down a dark road. I’ve been there before with those scrapbookers and then those mixed media people. You get pulled in with promises of color and exquisitely combined shapes and you start throwing your money at it and spending all of your free time at their cult headquarters (It’s called Michaels) but it never works out like they promise.

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    The Fandom Biz: Want to publish your own tie-in novels?

    Sally Malcolm always enjoyed writing and reading Stargate fan fiction. One day, totally out of the blue, she and her husband got into a discussion about how there were so many great fan writers but no official Stargate novels. Before sense took over, she contacted MGM, the license holder of the Stargate franchise and asked if she could acquire the license and publish official tie-in novels. Incredibly, they said yes. So she did and¬†Fandemonium Ltd. (aka StargateNovels.com) was born. If you’ve ever dreamed about writing or publishing tie-in novels for your favorite show, head over to The Fandom Biz and read my full interview with Sally.

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    Past Tense: Alias Pete Duel and Ben Murphy

    It’s true, my heroes have always been cowboys and two of my favorite have always been Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry. A fan from their original run in the 70’s, I was absolutely delighted to find Alias Smith and Jones airing on Encore Western Channel – uncut and clear as they day they first aired! (Clearer actually, since back then we had a pair of rabbit ears on the TV). The story is pretty much Butch and Sundance – our boys are the most successful gentleman bandits in the west (they never shot anyone), so the governor offers them amnesty if they can stay on the straight skinny until he…