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    Interview with a Foolish Mortal: James Carter on His Haunted Mansion Fan Movie

    I got my first look at The Haunted Mansion when I was 14-years old. In spite of the fact that I was completely enamored with classic horror at the time, I was still afraid to step inside that foreboding house at the end of the road. What was going to happen inside? Were people going to jump out at me (my biggest fear)? Was it going to be silly? Was it a show that we were going to watch from a little room? When the ride attendant stuffed us all into that little room, I got really worried and then crazy things began to happen. The room, wasn’t a room…

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    Going Psycho With Elvira

    When I moved from New Jersey to California, I was all alone. My friend Jeannie had flown out with me, but after a week of playing tourist, I put her on the plane back home. That was a tough day. I had a return trip ticket, because it had been cheaper to buy a round trip than a one-way, so I could have called it off then and there. I was tempted, but I gathered up my courage and my sense of adventure and said good-bye. About now, you’re wondering what all of this has to do with the famous horror hostess Elvira, but stick with me, I’m getting there.…

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    The Episode Where Cynthia Sees Star Wars Before Almost Anyone Else

    I don’t remember how I first learned about Star Wars, but I do recall my being desperate to see it. Lucky for me, the movie was going to premiere at a theater in Philadelphia – just a quick train ride from my home town in NJ. Then, I got even luckier. A local radio station was giving away tickets, not to the premiere, but to a special, private screening. The winners also got a Star Wars prize pack with a pin and the movie soundtrack. All you had to do to win was be the correct caller and answer which of two musical groups had “the force”. For days on…

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    Brinnng, Brinnng! It’s 1974 Calling!

    We found this fantastic, rotary telephone at an estate sale today. We’ve been looking for one to add to our retro tech collection but when we saw that this one was in Irwin Allen orange, we had to buy it. The previous owner still had it attached to the wall! We went to lunch after and were tempted to take it into the restaurant and talk on it like it was a cell phone. If we had, we probably would have ended up on quite a few social media feeds. “Look, kids! That’s how we communicated before we had mobile phones.” Talk about Life on Mars!