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I follow TV news everyday but today several forces collided in a most unusual and intriguing way. It began with Chuck Lorre’s vanity card at the end of yesterday’s Big Bang Theory. It combines a mention of a classic TV series revival with a move to air it only through a digital streaming app. Right after I saw that news, I saw a post on Deadline Hollywood saying that Netflix had bought the rights to produce a revival of one of my favorite shows, Lost in Space. Yes, Netflix. NBC took a swing at in some years ago but passed. Just as well as I suspect it wouldn’t have lasted more than a few episodes. On Netflix, it has a chance. From there, I saw that Hulu just released a trailer for their highly anticipated production of Stephen King’s thriller about a time traveling teacher who tries to stop the Kennedy Assassination. To wrap this whole thing in a video tape bow, Fox just announced that they will no longer acknowledge Live and Same Day ratings. Since the majority of the world is time-shifting TV with DVR’s and watching on demand and through streaming services, Fox says it’s not fairRead More →

We’re back with more from Lee Lambert, author of The Illustrated History of Don Post Studios. Tell me how the new deluxe edition of your book differs from the original. And tell me about that cool Frankenstein collectible cover. Lee: The necessity for a second edition really arose out of something that had happened last August. As I was nearing completion of the writing of the book, the publisher had made the arrangements to have copies printed in both hardcover and softcover versions to appeal to different budgets. We had also committed to have the book launch at Mask Fest, and in exchange the promoter of Mask Fest gave us some valuable assistance in promoting the book. Everything was on track until 5 weeks to the day before the launch of the book. That was when the printer contacted my publisher to say they underestimated the size of the book and they would not be able to print it. Related Images:Read More →

Sam and Dean Winchester run a small family business, that, like many third generation businesses, isn’t as profitable as they would like. Still, thanks to a strong work ethic and good word of mouth, the boys have managed to keep the doors open and the work flowing. Which is more than we can say for the 100’s of small family businesses that close up shop every day. Does your family business need a boost? Here are five lessons you can learn from the TV series Supernatural. Family businesses are complicated Working with family is always tricky because no matter how hard you try to keep it about business, personal feelings always have a way of slipping into the mix. Like most brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester have a history that often gets in the way of getting the job done. And Dean’s need to always be his little brother’s protector constantly rubs Sam the wrong way. When family squabbles dominate the workplace, it’s the employees and customers that are the biggest losers. The best way to keep family drama out of the mix is to hire a trusted, outside party to act as the voice of reason and tie-breaker. ThenRead More →

When people hear that I was on the set of my favorite TV show or that I worked on a movie with an actor I adore, their first response is usually “wow, you’re so lucky”. Not really. To me, luck means it came to you without any effort on your part. You might have bought the lottery ticket or pulled the handle on the slot machine. But that was the extent of your effort. Winning there is luck. Finding a quarter on the ground is luck. Becoming a best selling author, the star of your own TV show, the inventor of the next big thing – that’s not luck. That’s hard work. It seems like luck because in most cases it appears that the person has gone from zero to hero overnight. Rarely is that the case. Usually, there’s a trail of wrong turns, missteps and almosts before they found the path that worked, but that doesn’t make a good story. But what about The Secret? What about all those times you were thinking about a person or a concept and bam it turned up right in front of you? That’s the power of positive thinking. Yes and no. ThoseRead More →

Yesterday, I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 and I was totally inspired but before I tell you about that experience, I want to turn you over to my friends at Campaigner Email Marketing. They put together this fun and informative post and infographic that will help you make sure your marketing emails hit the right note every time!Read More →