Tales from the Thrift (Page 2)

Thrifting, eBay, collectibles and other secondhand talk

I’ve been slowly going through all of my old backup discs looking for the interviews I’ve conducted over the years and I keep finding other interesting goodies. For example, digitized versions of a set of Starsky & Hutch TV series press slides from the 1970’s. I bought these slides more than ten years ago on a trip to Hollywood. I think I got them at Larry Edmunds Bookshop, which is an amazing place if you’re looking for unusual books related to movies, TV or theater. The slides were turning red which happens as they age and fade so the store couldn’t use them to make prints anymore. I still thought they were a cool find so I made him a deal on the lot. When I got them home, I took them to a one-hour photo store (do they still exist?) and the guy was able to create small prints from the slides for not too much money. I then scanned the printed images so I could. . . I don’t know. . put them online probably but I’m not sure I ever did. I know I later sold some or all of the slides on eBay so it wasRead More →

I’ve always loved shopping for other people’s stuff. It goes back to the Berlin Auction Flea Market in New Jersey. When I was a kid, we’d prowl the full length of this massive parking lot searching for garage sale goodies on a regular basis. These days, I haunt the local thrift shops, estate sales and garage sales for stuff – some of which we keep but most of which I resell on eBay for fun and profit. Thrift shopping has become my new addiction. I actually get anxious and excited when I head into a store and I go out at least twice a week on a hunt. Recently, my husband caught the same bug and now he’s Mr. Thrifter. That’s what led us to attempt our first full day thrifting trip this past weekend. I wanted to visit the Savers store in Anaheim. It’s the only one in Orange County and everyone I know who thrifts for profits shops at the chain. It’s about 20 minutes from here, so I did a search and found three Goodwill stores in the area and that was our original plan.Read More →