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    Brinnng, Brinnng! It’s 1974 Calling!

    We found this fantastic, rotary telephone at an estate sale today. We’ve been looking for one to add to our retro tech collection but when we saw that this one was in Irwin Allen orange, we had to buy it. The previous owner still had it attached to the wall! We went to lunch after and were tempted to take it into the restaurant and talk on it like it was a cell phone. If we had, we probably would have ended up on quite a few social media feeds. “Look, kids! That’s how we communicated before we had mobile phones.” Talk about Life on Mars!

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    Hollywood History: Everett Crosby Telegram

    In June of 1940, Hollywood agent Everett Crosby (brother of Bing Crosby) send a friendly telegram to his client, director Victor Schertzinger. According to a series of letters, Schertzinger was a bit annoyed by the lack of work after his last picture. So Crosby was actively trying to find him another gig.   The telegram reads: Didn’t write because knew you were busy on picture. However you have not been out of my mind. Been working on couple deals here for you at Universal and will have information Monday. Had conference Wednesday with Freeman and Paramount here regarding your situation. They are happy with Rhythm. Will have information on this…

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    How the internet saved Tinker Bell

    This is the story of how the internet saved Tinker Bell. Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Goodwill, there was a beautiful box and in it was a sweet Disney fairy named Tinker Bell. She was balancing on a block on a bookshelf, laughing so hard the block was tipping over. But something was wrong. Tinker Bell’s fairy glow was missing. A fair maiden (me) came along one day and was immediately drawn to the lovely box with the gold frame. It was like looking into a doll house window. If only there was a light inside so you could see better! The fair maiden (me), examined the…

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    Cool Find: Casting notes from Irwin Allen’s Time Travelers

    If you’re new around here, you may not know that I’m a freak for anything Irwin Allen. He’s the guy who created Lost in Space and Land of the Giants and he’s the evil genius behind Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno and a little known movie of the week called Time Travelers. (There’s no official release but you can find it on the end of the Time Tunnel series box set.) Related Images: