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I’m a lover and a collector of all kinds of movie and TV memorabilia and I love pretend shopping the catalogs of the top collectible auction houses like Blacksparrow. A few months ago, I got an update from the company that surprised me so much, I had to double check to see if I wasn’t confused. The update was all the upcoming release of the The Illustrated History of Don Post Studios: Deluxe Edition. I didn’t know that Blacksparrow was a publisher but I was so excited to see a book dedicated to one of the most famous mask makers of my childhood. I saw them advertised in the back of Famous Monsters magazine when I was a kid and I desperately wanted one but $34 (in the 1970s) was way out of my reach. When I saw the book, it brought back so many childhood memories that I had to interview the author; Lee Lambert. Lee isn’t a writer by trade but once he got pulled into the world of Don Post, there was no turning back until it was done. . . and then done again for this new, deluxe edition. I’ll let him tell you the wholeRead More →

Mary Shelly, the author of Frankenstein was born on August 30, 1797, so I’m dedicating this whole week to the pop culture icon that she created – the monster himself. I wonder what Mary would think of what her creature has become. I doubt she suspected that her book would become a classic, let alone the subject of hundreds of movies and TV shows. Heck, she didn’t even know what a movie was but I’ve heard that she got to see her book played out on the stage. The image we all think of when we hear the name Frankenstein is only partially due to her magnificent story. Most of the credit goes to makeup artist Jack Pearce who created the now iconic look for Universal’s telling of the tale in 1931. My fascination with the monster doesn’t go back quite that far, but it does go back to childhood. I don’t know why, but I fell hard for the whole Universal monster squad which led to my spending every cent of my allowance on Aurora monster models, movie posters, and issues of Famous Monsters magazine. Dracula was my favorite but I had room in my heart for the misunderstood,Read More →

I have a soft spot in my heart for The Man from U.N.C.L.E; not so much for the series itself, but for the actors who starred in the show. I was quite young when the show was new but I have vague memories of my sisters tuning in every week. I also recall a reference to my “Illya Kuryakin” pajamas, so named because¬†they mimicked the spy’s trademark, turtleneck sweaters. When I was a teenager, UNCLE must have aired in syndication because I became enough of a fan to buy and read every tie-in novel I could find at the used book store. I also named my turtles Napoleon and Illya, a true sign of deep fandom setting in. But it wasn’t Robert Vaughn’s witty, laid-back Bond-like spy character that started my fangirling, it was his role as Harry Rule in The Protectors. This half-hour, British crime drama was the first show to send me running for a notebook and pen so I could fanfic the night away. My best friend, Cheryl was as crazy about the show as I was and luckily she was even more enamored with Robert Vaughn while I was all about his sexy French sidekick PaulRead More →

When I moved to California, my goal was to become an entertainment reporter. Once I got the taste of getting paid to write, my goals shifted. I just wanted to work as a writer full-time, I didn’t care if I wrote about tuna fish or TV! I honestly can’t remember the exact order things happened in, but I know that two forces pushed me down a new road while I was working full-time as an admin at a bagel factory. I have always been a collector of TV memorabilia so I started pitching and selling articles about my collection and then about collecting in general. I wrote one-off pieces for a lunch box magazine, a gum card collector magazine and a couple of toy magazines. Then I landed at Toy Shop. Toy Shop was an over-sized newspaper covering all manner of collectible toys. This was pre-eBay so their big draw was pages and pages of classified ads for people looking to buy and sell toys. I pitched and was hired to write a column on TV and Movie toys and later (or first) a column on SciFi toys. Around the same time, I found a job as a writer /Read More →

40 years ago, a great white shark with his own theme music swam into theaters and secured himself a place in pop culture history. Even people who have never seen a single Jaws flick think of the movie when they hear about a real shark sighting. Millions of people know we’re going to need a bigger boat and even more will yell ‘shark’ when they hear those deep, throbbing bars of Johnny Williams goodness. It’s an incredible success story. Not only was Jaws an unlikely critical and commercial hit, the film literally made people think twice about swimming in the ocean. Why unlikely? Think about it. Jaws is about an unnaturally large shark that terrorizes a New England beach town at the height of tourist season. That’s it. You can say it has underlying Moby Dick themeology and that it’s a parable about man’s struggle to deal with his own primal instincts or any of a dozen other psycobabble options. And maybe when Peter Benchley wrote the book he had a deeper meaning in mind. But people don’t watch Jaws for deeper meaning. They definitely don’t watch Jaws 3 for deeper meaning. We watch to see that giant monster snackRead More →

Sally Malcolm always enjoyed writing and reading Stargate fan fiction. One day, totally out of the blue, she and her husband got into a discussion about how there were so many great fan writers but no official Stargate novels. Before sense took over, she contacted MGM, the license holder of the Stargate franchise and asked if she could acquire the license and publish official tie-in novels. Incredibly, they said yes. So she did and¬†Fandemonium Ltd. (aka was born. If you’ve ever dreamed about writing or publishing tie-in novels for your favorite show, head over to The Fandom Biz and read my full interview with Sally.Read More →

When I was a young teen, my dream was to one day go on the set of my favorite TV show and watch them film. Yes, really. I’m that much of a TV geek. When I graduated high school, I went to acting school in New York because I figured the best way to get on the set of a TV show was to be a part of the cast. That didn’t work out like I thought it would and I ended up becoming a teacher. Several years and one crushing break-up later it hit me – the dream! I had to take another shot at it. So, I did. I gave up my apartment, sold almost everything I own, quit my job and moved from Southern New Jersey to Southern California. I’ll go into more detail on that another time, because I want to get to the point of this post. The point is, I detoured, but I didn’t give up. I was determined to follow through on my fannish desire to watch them film my favorite show and it happened. See the photo? That’s me and Anthony Stewart Head of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When that photo wasRead More →

Sam. Dean. Castiel. The Impala. A Devil’s Trap – You know what I’m talking about and so does Angel of AngelQ Expressions on Etsy. She stopped by (virtually) to talk about the show, her creations and this very special fandom. How did you get into fandom in the first place? Angel: I can honestly say that the fandom found me and I am thrilled! I tend to get obsessed about my favorite things like Supernatural or Horror Movies or even coffee (and recently Saturday Morning Cartoons). I made and sold and my first Supernatural piece in May of 2009, which was the Exorcism Protection Amulet Beaded Necklace with Hematite. I was one of only a couple of shops back then that even made Supernatural-themed jewelry. Somehow, somewhere word got out and it’s been a whirlwind of Good Vibes from fans and friends alike ever since. I absolutely love our SPN Family. I really do. I’ve seen first hand what we can accomplish when we work together, from supporting charities like ‘A Dog’s Life Rescue’ to helping Supernatural win People’s Choice Awards through our diligent voting. Bobby Singer was right. Family don’t end with blood. What’s one of your favorite episodesRead More →