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Lost in Space Chariot

I’ve often heard the story about my in-laws visiting the set of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea when the TV series was filming at 20th Century Fox in the 60’s. But no one ever told me that my husband also visited 20th Century Fox studios when he was 8 years old. That’s why I was so surprised when I found these two while sorting through two boxes worth of old family photos. This is the Chariot from Lost in Space. It was an actual, working vehicle built on top of the tracks from a Snowcat. We have models and miniatures of this all over the house. I can’t imagine what it was like to stand right next to the real thing. This is the Batmobile from the 1960’s TV series with Adam West. Because the full-size ones pop up at car shows and conventions all the time, it’s less impressive to see here. But still cool to see it sitting on the lot. My husband, Lars, is the box in the white shirt. That’s his brother Glenn in the green shirt. Pretty nifty, don’t you think? Related Images:Read More →

It may be Black Friday to the rest of the world, but around here it’s Red Friday! If you buy my Supernatural interview ebook, Come on In, the Water’s Bloody before midnight tonight, you’ll get it for only .99. On Saturday, the book goes up to $1.99 and it will keep rising until it’s back to the regular $4.99 price on Monday. That’s what you call a Kindle Countdown Deal.Read More →

In June of 1940, Hollywood agent Everett Crosby (brother of Bing Crosby) send a friendly telegram to his client, director Victor Schertzinger. According to a series of letters, Schertzinger was a bit annoyed by the lack of work after his last picture. So Crosby was actively trying to find him another gig.   The telegram reads: Didn’t write because knew you were busy on picture. However you have not been out of my mind. Been working on couple deals here for you at Universal and will have information Monday. Had conference Wednesday with Freeman and Paramount here regarding your situation. They are happy with Rhythm. Will have information on this also first of week regarding your layoff and another immediate picture so out of sight is not of mind. Any agent who will not split is lousy. However this will not make me a LOU$E. Tell him that Pops. You will hear from me Monday or Tuesday. Everything here fine. Florence sends love. Regards Everett 1020 am Given that you paid for telegrams by the word, this one must have cost him a few bucks. Love the line about not being a louse. Does anyone still use that word?Read More →

I have a confession to make. As much as I love classic horror movies, Halloween and the showmanship of a good haunt – I’m way too chicken to ever step foot inside of a pro haunt. I worked as a volunteer in one once and I couldn’t even stand walking through the maze to get to my station! Still, I’m fascinated with what goes on behind the scenes of haunts like Knott’s Scary Farm, Universal Horror Nights and especially Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary. What makes Dark Harbor so different from the usual theme park attractions is that the haunt happens inside an already spooky, known to be haunted ship. Heck, even this interview was haunted. Listen in while I talk with Dark Harbor producer Charity Hill about what it takes to put on a haunt inside a historical landmark. She even has a few tips for you home haunters, too. Cynthia:  Dark Harbor is a standout among Halloween haunts because it’s staged inside of a vintage ship. You have a natural, spooky, maze‑y environment already built for you. Charity:  We do. One great thing about our creative team is they’re able to use the ship itself, which isRead More →

Lee Lambert gave me so many incredible photos to use with his interview, I just had to find a way to share even more of them with you. So I asked and he said it would be fine to create a slide show. Please enjoy this trip through time from Don Post Sr. and the Universal Monsters to Don Post Jr. and the Star Wars gang. Buy your copy of the book here: More →

We’re back with more from Lee Lambert, author of The Illustrated History of Don Post Studios. Tell me how the new deluxe edition of your book differs from the original. And tell me about that cool Frankenstein collectible cover. Lee: The necessity for a second edition really arose out of something that had happened last August. As I was nearing completion of the writing of the book, the publisher had made the arrangements to have copies printed in both hardcover and softcover versions to appeal to different budgets. We had also committed to have the book launch at Mask Fest, and in exchange the promoter of Mask Fest gave us some valuable assistance in promoting the book. Everything was on track until 5 weeks to the day before the launch of the book. That was when the printer contacted my publisher to say they underestimated the size of the book and they would not be able to print it. Related Images:Read More →

I’m a lover and a collector of all kinds of movie and TV memorabilia and I love pretend shopping the catalogs of the top collectible auction houses like Blacksparrow. A few months ago, I got an update from the company that surprised me so much, I had to double check to see if I wasn’t confused. The update was all the upcoming release of the The Illustrated History of Don Post Studios: Deluxe Edition. I didn’t know that Blacksparrow was a publisher but I was so excited to see a book dedicated to one of the most famous mask makers of my childhood. I saw them advertised in the back of Famous Monsters magazine when I was a kid and I desperately wanted one but $34 (in the 1970s) was way out of my reach. When I saw the book, it brought back so many childhood memories that I had to interview the author; Lee Lambert. Lee isn’t a writer by trade but once he got pulled into the world of Don Post, there was no turning back until it was done. . . and then done again for this new, deluxe edition. I’ll let him tell you the wholeRead More →