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    Author Alicia Dean On Kindle Worlds

    For those who love to delve into the world of fanfic as either a writer or a reader, you should check out Kindle Worlds. It is an exciting platform from which fanfic authors can submit original works for publication. Amazon Publishing secured licenses for several popular shows including Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries, just to name a few. Writers can submit novels, novellas and short stories inspired by the Worlds that are licensed. Don’t see a world you are interested in? Not to worry because Amazon Publishing is in the process of securing more licenses to expand their worlds. I mention all of this because we…

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    Come on In, the Water’s Bloody: My Supernatural Interview Book is Now LIVE

    Almost 20 years ago, (I can’t believe I’m even saying that!) I did my first interview with a celebrity and it was the start of a whole new chapter in my life. Since then, I’ve amassed hours and hours of audio and pages and pages of notes and articles from interviews with actors, directors, stunt people, writers, producers. . . etc. Twice I’ve attempted to turn those interviews into books and twice that train derailed and I walked away. But you know what they say, the third time’s the charm. Come on In, the Water’s Bloody is a collection of 20 interviews with the cast and crew of the TV…

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    Hey, That’s My Plot: The Ups and Downs of Being on Trend

    The CW just announced a pick up on a pilot called Cult. The show revolves are the cast and crew of a TV show and in particular, one intrepid PA. When someone starts killing off people in line with the show, a PA and a reporter team up to find out who is behind it. Is it a crazed fan or someone who wants it to seem like the fandom’s gone out of control. My kind of show! It’s a mystery, there’s a conspiracy and it’s about Hollywood. Even better, it’s about fandom. I’ve been a fangirl my whole life and it’s a world unto itself. That’s probably why, for…

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    4 Stars for Saving Hill

    Marilou George has the honor of being the first person to review Saving Hill. She says; Saving Hill is a fast paced book containing twists and turns that will plunge you deep into the story. The mystery unfolded throughout the book kept me engaged and eager to find out more. The character descriptions succeed in making the story believable and the dialogue is intense and filled with human drama and compassion. I experienced a sense of dread mixed with hope as the story unfolded. Read the rest of the review on Amazon or Marilou’s book review site, Confessions of a Reader