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Lee Lambert gave me so many incredible photos to use with his interview, I just had to find a way to share even more of them with you. So I asked and he said it would be fine to create a slide show. Please enjoy this trip through time from Don Post Sr. and the Universal Monsters to Don Post Jr. and the Star Wars gang. Buy your copy of the book here: More →

We’re back with more from Lee Lambert, author of The Illustrated History of Don Post Studios. Tell me how the new deluxe edition of your book differs from the original. And tell me about that cool Frankenstein collectible cover. Lee: The necessity for a second edition really arose out of something that had happened last August. As I was nearing completion of the writing of the book, the publisher had made the arrangements to have copies printed in both hardcover and softcover versions to appeal to different budgets. We had also committed to have the book launch at Mask Fest, and in exchange the promoter of Mask Fest gave us some valuable assistance in promoting the book. Everything was on track until 5 weeks to the day before the launch of the book. That was when the printer contacted my publisher to say they underestimated the size of the book and they would not be able to print it. Related Images:Read More →

I’m a lover and a collector of all kinds of movie and TV memorabilia and I love pretend shopping the catalogs of the top collectible auction houses like Blacksparrow. A few months ago, I got an update from the company that surprised me so much, I had to double check to see if I wasn’t confused. The update was all the upcoming release of the The Illustrated History of Don Post Studios: Deluxe Edition. I didn’t know that Blacksparrow was a publisher but I was so excited to see a book dedicated to one of the most famous mask makers of my childhood. I saw them advertised in the back of Famous Monsters magazine when I was a kid and I desperately wanted one but $34 (in the 1970s) was way out of my reach. When I saw the book, it brought back so many childhood memories that I had to interview the author; Lee Lambert. Lee isn’t a writer by trade but once he got pulled into the world of Don Post, there was no turning back until it was done. . . and then done again for this new, deluxe edition. I’ll let him tell you the wholeRead More →

When I moved to California, my goal was to become an entertainment reporter. Once I got the taste of getting paid to write, my goals shifted. I just wanted to work as a writer full-time, I didn’t care if I wrote about tuna fish or TV! I honestly can’t remember the exact order things happened in, but I know that two forces pushed me down a new road while I was working full-time as an admin at a bagel factory. I have always been a collector of TV memorabilia so I started pitching and selling articles about my collection and then about collecting in general. I wrote one-off pieces for a lunch box magazine, a gum card collector magazine and a couple of toy magazines. Then I landed at Toy Shop. Toy Shop was an over-sized newspaper covering all manner of collectible toys. This was pre-eBay so their big draw was pages and pages of classified ads for people looking to buy and sell toys. I pitched and was hired to write a column on TV and Movie toys and later (or first) a column on SciFi toys. Around the same time, I found a job as a writer /Read More →

You’ve been thinking about selling on eBay, haven’t you? So stop thinking and get doing because now is the very best time of year to start an eBay business. Here’s why: 1. eBay sales skyrocket in the last quarter of the year Once the kids go back to school, eBay sales begin to climb, reaching an all time high every December. This happens for two reasons. First, when kids go back to school and the weather changes, people stay home and stay indoors. Vacations are over. Nighttime BBQ’s are over. We’re indoors and bored. And bored means time spent on the internet. The second reason is the coming holidays. Back-to-school, Halloween and then Christmas are all big buying holidays and people are happy to buy used items on eBay. From old backpacks to costumes your kids have outgrown to one-of-a-kind collectible gifts – people find it and sell it on eBay. 2. If you’re new, you need ramp up time If you’ve never sold on eBay or haven’t sold much, eBay puts limits on your account, so you want to start now, in the summer, so you have time to build up your account before the crazy season hits. YouRead More →

Do you have a story to tell? Your life, someone else’s life, ordinary or extraordinary. Fact or fiction, complete or still unfolding? Don’t keep it to yourself, use one or more of these five digital tools to share your story with the world. 1. Start a blog Blogging started out as nothing more than a digital diary. People used their blogs to talk about what happened in their day and then they shared those thoughts with family and friends. No one ever expected strangers to read about Timmy’s first birthday party or that crazy thing that happened at the grocery store. And make money from blogging? Talk about a fairy tale. Now blogs are repositories of all kinds of information from personal stories to corporate communications and they are huge money makers for people who put in the time and effort. You can start blogging on a free site like Blogger or host your own WordPress blog for under $10 a month. Either way, blogging is a super way to tell your story and there’s no barrier to getting started. All you need is a way to connect to the internet and if you’re reading this, you have one. SoRead More →

How would you like to have Steve McGarrett as your boss, or Jean-Luc Picard? What about Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation or Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS? TV bosses have been making us laugh, cringe and take note since the golden age and though times have changed, some bosses haven’t. The real world is still full of penny-pinchers like Milburn Drysdale and misogynistic men like Lou Grant. But TV has also given us examples of bosses to be admired and emulated, too. Bosses who respect their employees, don’t abuse their authority and remain positive in the face of adversity. Sheri Staak calls these WOW leaders in her book Tune in to WOW Leadership: 10 Lessons Learned from America’s Favorite Shows. I asked to review the book because it lands squarely on the intersection of two things I like talking about; TV and business and the publisher was kind enough to send me a copy for free. The book covers leadership topics such as ‘Being Authentic’, ‘Empowering Life/Work Balance” and ‘Cultivating Respect’. Staak also includes several chapters on communication; discussing when an email beats a call or a face-to-face meet. The book is loaded with plenty of good advice forRead More →

A podcaster I respect recently advised his listeners not to buy books or pay for online courses on a particular subject because everything you need to know can be found on the web for free. I understand his point of origin on this; there is a lot of free information on the internet (and in the library for that matter) and there are a lot of books and courses that aren’t worth the price you’re asked to pay. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever pay for knowledge. Here are five good reasons why handing over $2.99 for an ebook, $7.50 for a print book or $250 for an online course is better than hunting down the information for free. 1. Your time is worth more than the cost of the content There is a neverending supply of information on the internet. How much time are you willing to spend to find the nuggets you need? Search engines are more intuitive these days but there are all kinds of personalized¬†algorithms that determine what you see and what you don’t. What if the best information is on a blog three pages deep on Google? It could take you hours or daysRead More →