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    Supernatural ebook deal and GIVEAWAY! – ENDED

    It may be Black Friday to the rest of the world, but around here it’s Red Friday! If you buy my Supernatural interview ebook, Come on In, the Water’s Bloody before midnight tonight, you’ll get it for only .99. On Saturday, the book goes up to $1.99 and it will keep rising until it’s back to the regular $4.99 price on Monday. That’s what you call a Kindle Countdown Deal.

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    Illustrated History of Don Post Studios [slide show]

    Lee Lambert gave me so many incredible photos to use with his interview, I just had to find a way to share even more of them with you. So I asked and he said it would be fine to create a slide show. Please enjoy this trip through time from Don Post Sr. and the Universal Monsters to Don Post Jr. and the Star Wars gang. Buy your copy of the book here: http://www.donpostbook.com/

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    Lee Lambert and the History of Don Post Studios [Part 2]

    We’re back with more from Lee Lambert, author of The Illustrated History of Don Post Studios. Tell me how the new deluxe edition of your book differs from the original. And tell me about that cool Frankenstein collectible cover. Lee: The necessity for a second edition really arose out of something that had happened last August. As I was nearing completion of the writing of the book, the publisher had made the arrangements to have copies printed in both hardcover and softcover versions to appeal to different budgets. We had also committed to have the book launch at Mask Fest, and in exchange the promoter of Mask Fest gave us…

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    Lee Lambert and the History of Don Post Studios [Interview]

    I’m a lover and a collector of all kinds of movie and TV memorabilia and I love pretend shopping the catalogs of the top collectible auction houses like Blacksparrow. A few months ago, I got an update from the company that surprised me so much, I had to double check to see if I wasn’t confused. The update was all the upcoming release of the The Illustrated History of Don Post Studios: Deluxe Edition. I didn’t know that Blacksparrow was a publisher but I was so excited to see a book dedicated to one of the most famous mask makers of my childhood. I saw them advertised in the back…