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Summary: A few days before Christmas, Dean gets a frantic call from Lisa who claims there’s a ghost stalking Ben. Author’s Note: I wrote this after The Third Man and before Mannequin 3: The Reckoning, so any similarities between this story and that one are purely a fangirl’s mind working like a screenwriter. I hope you enjoy this flashback to the Supernatural past. Have Yourself A Merry Little Winchester Christmas If you would prefer to read a clean, downloadable version of this story, click here for the PDF. When his phone rang, Dean figured it was Bobby because few people had his cell number and after a full year out of the business, even fewer people called it. He reached for the phone on the nightstand, not taking his eyes off the TV where Grace Kelly had Jimmy Stewart in a lip lock. “The ultimate Hitchcock blonde,” he muttered. Sam wasn’t watching the movie. He was sitting on the other bed, mirroring Dean’s position, back to the headboard but with his laptop open on his thighs. They weren’t on a hunt, hadn’t been on one in over two weeks, so he wasn’t researching. Probably catching up with his so calledRead More →

Back in 1998, I was working as a freelance reporter for Inside Kung-Fu magazine. My first big piece was an interview with Jeff Pruitt and Sophia Crawford – the stunt coordinator and Buffy stunt double from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I got to spend quite a few nights at the studio watching them film and it was the thrill of my life — which I know I’ve mentioned more than a few times here on this blog. Anyway, I was cleaning out a closet and found all of my old Inside Kung-Fu magazines, so I thought I’d share screenshots of the articles. All of the super photos came straight from Jeff. The words, are mine. Read More →

Have you read my paranormal romance Waiting for Ethan? Well, now’s the perfect time. Starting Friday, January 19, 2018, you can download the ebook for FREE from Amazon. The “sale” will run through the weekend, so tell all your friends. If you do download the book, please do leave me a review on Amazon. I’d really appreciate your thoughts.  Read More →

Do you like ghost stories? Mysteries? Romances set in a small New England town? How about culture clash romances where the hero and the heroine come from different sides of the tracks? Yes? Super! Rush right over to Amazon right now and download my new ebook Waiting for Ethan. In the book, Joyce is forced to choose between two lovers: one is the most eligible bachelor in all of Mystic Harbor, and the other is, unfortunately, dead.  A lighthouse, an orchard, a high school dance — Mack and Joyce are about to discover the dark side of love as they unravel the thirty-year-old mystery that left one young girl Waiting for Ethan. And look, back when the book was in print, I got a wonderful review from the biggest magazine in the industry, Romantic Times. Here’s what they had to say about Waiting for Ethan. RT (aka Romantic Times Magazine) Review: “This haunting tale of a love that transcends time, space and even death is reminiscent of a Victoria Holt novel. When the main character, Joyce, is torn between the love of a ghost and that of a living, breathing man, she finds that some decisions can be deadly. WhenRead More →

My first original novel, How Many K’s in Delaney, was a scifi epic inspired by Jules Verne and Star Trek and it had an incredible, Twilight Zone-esque twist at the end. The hero of the piece was John Delaney, an astronaut on a one-way mission to go as far as he could go. A solo mission with nothing but a HAL like computer to keep him company and an occasional six-months-later message from the folks back home. One day, he receives a message that isn’t from the computer or Alpha Control. This message is from a group of aliens who are as curious about Delaney as he is about them. Glad for someone to talk to, Delaney tells his life story with emphasis on all those little details that make humans human. He tells the aliens about playing little league and about birthday parties with cake. He tells them about his first date and the drive-in theater, about prom and fraternity pranks and falling in love with the woman he married then had to leave behind. It feels good to talk about home, but there’s a tiny niggle at the back of his brain. There comes a point where DelaneyRead More →

You asked for it, you got it. There is now a paperback version of my Supernatural Interview book Come On In, the Water’s Bloody. If you’re not familiar with the book, it’s a collection of interviews I did with the cast and crew of Supernatural back when they thought they were only going to run five seasons! A few of the interviews such as the ones with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Eric Kripke are from the Comic-Con press room. But the majority are one-on-one interviews that I conducted over the years. One of my favorites is the first interview I did with Misha Collins before Castiel even made his first appearance on the show. These interviews are a fun blast from the past and they’re often funny – because we know how much things have changed since then. (Misha said he wasn’t very internet savvy. LOL!) Order your paperback copy of Come on In, the Water’s Bloody at Amazon. Or you can order directly from me: $18.99 includes US shipping. Please contact me for international shipping   Related Images:Read More →

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m running a special on my romantic suspense novel Saving Hill. From now until Monday, you can download the ebook completely free from Amazon. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem. You can read Kindle books on your computer or almost any mobile device with the free Kindle app.

To get you in the mood. . . here’s the start of something sexy between the lead characters Abby and Jacks.Read More →

I distinctly remember watching the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I watched it in my bedroom so I wouldn’t be distracted and demanded total silence from husband and son. I knew from the TV Guide description that it was going to wow me and it did. When that last downbeat of the theme rang out over that final slayer shot, I was hooked. I couldn’t wait for the commercials to end and then I wished the clock would slow so the show wouldn’t end too soon. If you’re a fangirl, you’ll understand. If you’re not, this is all going to sound crazy. When a TV fan finds a perfect match, it’s like a fantastic first date. Your heart beats a little faster, you’re giddy with glee but worried that it might not last. You can’t wait for the next date but at the same time you fuss and fret over every second because you desperately want it to go well. It happens over and over again until you settle in and it becomes routine and then you and your favorite show become like an old married couple taking each other for granted. Yes, the relationship cycle is theRead More →