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This past weekend, I spent a couple of days hanging with the wild and crazy folks of Monsterpalooza. The convention is dedicated to classic monsters and the people who make them. This is no ordinary horror con – Monsterpalooza celebrates the special effects teams and make-up artists who bring fantasy creatures to life. The vendors room is packed with artists who do amazing work such as Todd Robey. I picked up one of his brand new Walking Dead caricature prints for my son.Read More →

Kaci Beeler as Robin

FanFiction writers are often maligned for creating derivative works but in reality, fanfic writers are creative, talented people who are simply using the written word to pay tribute to the shows they love. In Texas, the troupe at the Austin Improv have taken that concept to the next level with a show called Fandom: Improvised Fan Fiction in Your Favorite Worlds. Every Saturday night for the past six weeks, the company has donned costumes pieces and invited an audience in to help tell tales from the world’s most popular fandoms. They started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, went on to Lord of the Rings, Batman and the Hunger Games. And on February 23, they’ll be closing out with a fandom chosen by popular vote. (Click here to make your choice.) I was so tickled by this idea I chased down one of the show’s creators, Kaci Beeler and demanded she tell me everything. She was were kind enough to do so just before embarking on a new journey, to a galaxy far, far away.Read More →

I’m thrilled to announce that my book Saving Hill has advanced to the semi-final round in the Kindle Book Review Best Indie Books of 2012 Contest. The contest is all about paying homage to us folks who gave ebook self-publishing a try this year and I’m in grand company. If you’re looking for some great reads, visit the website for a list of the semi-finalists in six categories. Something for everyone! From here, all of our books go to the judges and they’ll choose five finalists in each category. Those will be posted on September 1, 2012. Wish me luck. And if you want to read Saving Hill, you can rent if for free through Amazon Prime or buy it for $1.99.    Read More →

The CW just announced a pick up on a pilot called Cult. The show revolves are the cast and crew of a TV show and in particular, one intrepid PA. When someone starts killing off people in line with the show, a PA and a reporter team up to find out who is behind it. Is it a crazed fan or someone who wants it to seem like the fandom’s gone out of control. My kind of show! It’s a mystery, there’s a conspiracy and it’s about Hollywood. Even better, it’s about fandom. I’ve been a fangirl my whole life and it’s a world unto itself. That’s probably why, for many years now, I’ve attempted to write a murder mystery that deals with the topic of fandom. For example, my latest effort, Where, Oh Where is Eugenia Snow (the one I showed in my Scrivener video) is about an interactive TV series that changes each week depending on the clues people find in the real world. Only, oops – one of the actresses gets murdered just after she’s killed off on the show. The show runner and an FBI agent team up to find out if the killer is aRead More →

Marilou George has the honor of being the first person to review Saving Hill. She says; Saving Hill is a fast paced book containing twists and turns that will plunge you deep into the story. The mystery unfolded throughout the book kept me engaged and eager to find out more. The character descriptions succeed in making the story believable and the dialogue is intense and filled with human drama and compassion. I experienced a sense of dread mixed with hope as the story unfolded. Read the rest of the review on Amazon or Marilou’s book review site, Confessions of a ReaderRead More →

I’m excited to announce the release of my second romantic suspense novel, Saving Hill. The book follows an unusual three-some, creative therapist Abby Weston, her patient Charlie Hill and his best friend FBI agent Mitch “Jacks” Jackson. At one time Jacks and Hill were inseparable, but something terrible happened which sent Hill to a very dark place. Now Abby’s determined to unlock Hill’s mind using a diary full of cryptic clues. Only one problem. Someone doesn’t want her to know the truth and they’re willing to kill to keep the secret quiet. Saving Hill is available exclusively through for only $1.99. Come back soon for a sample chapter and a contest!Read More →