Cosplay the Easy Way with MorphCostumes

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Are you going to Comic-Con? You could spend hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours making a cosplay costume that will wow everyone who sees it. Or, you could get a morphsuit and wow everyone for a lot less money and way less time. Morphsuits are bodysuits that literally cover you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and your fingers! They're made from a special, super secret, spandex blend that stretches to fit, then conforms to the shape of your body. And unlike old-school bodysuits, morphsuits are breathable and comfortable. And because you can see through the mask and even drink through it, you can walk the convention floor from one end to the other in comfort, without ever having to reveal your secret identity. MorphCostumes was kind enough to send me a Spider-Man suit to try out. I thought my son would be the one jumping to try it on, but it was my husband who couldn't wait to step into the shapely leotards of this cool super hero. Spider-man Morph CostumesThe fit was pretty good with two small exceptions. I chose the size based on my son's height, so it was a little short for my husband. When you order your suit, pay close attention to the size chart. No need to fuss with chest, waist or in-seam measurements. Just find your height and that's your size. (Extra stretchy fabric the conforms to your build, remember?) The other issue we had was hair. My husband's hair is long in the back, which made zipping up the back of the mask a little tricky. If you have a lot of hair, a bald cap or even a dollar store shower cap will making zipping easier. Once he was fully zipped, he was able to move, bend, sit and climb with ease. He wasn't able to shoot web streams from his palms, but we can't have everything, can we? We were both impressed by the detailed design and the sharp colors but we were blown away by the soft, silky feel of the material. I've bought a lot of costumes over the years, and polyester suits almost always have the slick, almost greasy feeling. You get none of that with Morphsuits. They made a believer out of me, my husband and our neighbors. . . who have since moved, but I'm sure that had nothing to do with the sight of Spider-Man climbing the fence between our two houses.  . . MorphCostumes has more than 100 styles of morphsuits in-stock. Choose from super heroes like Batman and Robin, Ninja Turtles, or any one of the Power Rangers. They also have animal suits, flag suits, creepy suits and suits that make it look like you're not wearing any kind of suit. Morphsuits are priced starting at $34.99 for simple suits and going up to $69 for the more complex monsters. Most of the super hero suits are in the $50 range which is inline with what you'd pay for a traditional costume. Speaking of which, carries more than just morphsuits, so check them out for all of your convention, Halloween, or theatrical needs.

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