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I've read ghost love stories, vampire love stories and stories about love between a witch and a mortal. But I've never read a paranormal romance set in Ancient Egypt -- until now. Veronica Scott is the author of "The Gods of Egypt" series and she was kind enough sit down with me to talk writing, romance and all things paranormal. We begin at the beginning: Cyn: Tell me everything I need to know about you in two sentences. Veronica: Mother, grandmother, two cats, loves to read, full-time author, NASA Medal of Excellence from previous day job. Loves science fiction romance, ancient Egypt, earrings, Mars, Titanic, roses, tea with milk and sugar, chocolate. Go back in time and tell me about the first time you put a story on paper. Veronica: I was seven and it was an absolute EPIC about princesses, flying cats and flying horses. The hero was a riverboat captain – no idea why! I also illustrated the novel and that wasn’t so successful. I’ve been writing ever since. I was first published by Carina Press in 2012 and also released my first self-published book the same year. Speaking of back in time, why did you choose to write books about Ancient Egypt? Veronica: Ever since I read Mara, Daughter of the Nile, by Eloise Jarvis McGraw, as a kid, I’ve been fascinated by the ancient Egyptian civilization. We know so much about them and yet so little. Their beliefs about the gods and the Afterlife are intricate and fraught with possibilities for storytelling. I love to balance romance, adventure, ancient times and fantasy in a novel. How does the paranormal manifest itself in your Gods of Egypt series? Priestess of the NileVeronica: In my stories the gods are very much present and involved in daily life and events, much as the ancient Egyptians believed they were. Since there are many myths about each member of the Egyptian pantheon, I pick and choose the elements  for each god or goddess to feature and drive my plots. My human characters interact with gods but the focus is primarily on the mortal hero and heroine. Except for my first published book, Priestess of the Nile, where Sobek the Crocodile God, falls in love with a human woman. The realization I had that he was a shifter opened up the entire Egyptian story telling world for me and I haven’t looked back since. Why do you think paranormal stories are so popular with readers and writers? Veronica: I believe we all love the possibility that there are more things in the world than we can know, and that cool things can happen any time. If a reader steps into a paranormal world, the adventures are endless and you can have that hot romance with an alpha shifter who loves only you, or have the powers of a sorceress at your fingertips…go on an amazing journey with loyal companions, find romance and then return home again when the adventure is over. I love the romance genre because we insist on Happily Ever After or at least a good Happy For Now ending. Any “real life” paranormal experiences you’d care to share? Veronica: My family is Irish and we have the ‘sight’ to one degree or another. I’ve had a few instances where I knew someone had passed away before I received the phone call. A few premonitions that came true. I never dream winning Lotto numbers though! I know you’re also a SciFi fan, tell me about some of your influences from that genre? Veronica: The first science fiction book I ever read, at a young age, was Andre Norton’s Catseye, which had a profound effect on me and I’ve been an avid reader of all forms of the genre since then. I love Anne McCaffrey’s Restoree and her Dragonriders of Pern series. I try to write a good adventure in a futuristic setting, with a strong heroine, a strong hero (usually a Special Forces soldier) and romance.  “Aliens” is my all-time favorite scifi movie, but needed more romance between Ripley and Hicks, you know? And since I’m a Trek fan, I have to ask about how you ended up doing a voice on a Star Trek audiobook! Veronica: I’m always on twitter and one day I saw a mention of a Star Trek audiobook Kickstarter. I’m a huge Star Trek fan and I’ve also backed a few other Kickstarter projects in very small ways, so I was intrigued and popped over to check this one out. Once I saw that there was a possibility for reading one line in the official audiobook, I couldn’t resist. It was especially cool because I live in Southern California so there was no problem for me to get to the recording studio. So yes, I am Crew Woman, a red shirt, in the Harlan Ellison “City on The Edge Of Forever” audiobook and after recording my line, I signed the front page of the script next to a lot of much more famous names! The entire experience was an amazing thrill for me, living the dream of joining the Enterprise crew. For new readers, which book should they start with? Ghost of the NileVeronica: My books, both ancient Egyptian and scifi romance, take place in separate connected universes, so they can be read in pretty much any order. ( Magic of the Nile is the direct sequel to Priestess of the Nile, however.) I’ve been suggesting people jump in with the new novella Healer of the Nile to see if they enjoy my version of ancient Egypt, or perhaps Ghost of the Nile, the most recent full length book. What’s up next from you? Veronica: I’m going to be releasing three new science fiction romances in the next few months. I hope to write a sequel to Dancer of the Nile over the summer, and then we’ll see what I’m in the mood to write next! I’ll be at the RT Booklovers Conference in Las Vegas in April, looking forward to meeting readers and book bloggers and fellow authors. I’ll be doing two panels, co-hosting the Intergalactic Bar & Grille party and signing books on Saturday. Any final words for my readers (and yours?) Veronica: Thanks for loving romance novels, and being such a terrific, supportive community!   And thanks right back to Veronica for chatting with me! If you'd like to learn more about her and her books, here are all the places you can find her. Blog: Twitter: Facebook: Amazon Author Page:   Paranormal romance fans, please give my new ebook a try, too! Waiting for Ethan Social  

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