Blast from the Past: Nathan Fillion talks about his “new” show Castle (2009)

Castle is one of my favorite TV shows, but back in 2009 it was a new series trying to find it’s audience. The show premiered in the spring with only 10 episodes in the first season. Now, we’re used to staggered starts and short runs but in 2009, it was tough for a show to kick-off mid-season.

Nathan Fillion, the star of the show, set off on a whirl-wind, phone tour with reporters to drum up support. Usually, these events are handled as conference calls so every reporter comes away with the exact same quotes. Instead, ABC set up one-on-one calls which must have been crazy for Nathan, but was great for me.

I enjoyed Nathan on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly but I loved him even more on Castle and I told him so. “You are the sweetest. You’re already my favorite,” he replied oozing that devilish, Rick Castle charm. At that moment, the fangirl in me battled for dominance but I beat her back and dived in.

What you have here, is the rest of my conversation with Nathan Fillion. It’s slightly edited (so forgive the jumps) due to the fact that my end was extremely loud compared to his. Luckily, he did most of the talking.

Listen in while we discuss the humor on the show, the women in Castle’s life and the one thing Nathan’s done that he’ll never do again.

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