A Romantic interlude from Saving Hill: Get it FREE this weekend

A Romantic interlude from Saving Hill: Get it FREE this weekend

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m running a special on my romantic suspense novel Saving Hill. From now until Monday, you can download the ebook completely free from Amazon. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem. You can read Kindle books on your computer or almost any mobile device with the free Kindle app.

To get you in the mood. . . here’s the start of something sexy between the lead characters Abby and Jacks.

Saving Hill:

He was leaning on the sink, eyes locked on his own haggard image in the mirror. He didn’t move when she came in, but he saw her. Her reflection next to his. “I don’t know what this is but it’s not the first time I’ve felt it. Images in the dark, thoughts in my head, it’s like something that happened a long, long time ago, just threads of a memory.”

“But it is a memory? Not a nightmare?”

Jacks turned away from the mirror, leaning his hips against the marble counter top. “Maybe it’s both.” He covered his eyes with the heels of his hands and pressed until it had to hurt. “I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not little green men.”

Abby closed the gap between them. She caught his wrists, then gently pulled his hands away from his eyes. “Silver,” she said. “Hill’s aliens are silver, not green. Elongated heads, saucers for eyeballs, no antennas. He drew me a picture.”


The image she painted made him smile and it felt good, like a weight being lifted off his chest. Everything was better now, now that there was light to cut the darkness, her voice to cut the silence. Just one more sense left to trigger. Jacks caught Abby’s face in his hands, then kissed her hard, mouth and tongue tasting, taking. He felt her body stiffen with surprise. For a second he thought she might pull away, but he knew he wouldn’t let her, couldn’t let her send him back to that dark, hellish place. As long as he was hearing, seeing, feeling, they couldn’t touch him. He was safe.

When he had hardly any breath left, he broke the kiss but kept her close, his lips moving to her cheek then her ear. “Stay with me, tonight.”

She wriggled in his arms, reluctant but not convinced. “Jacks, I’m not sure this is a good idea.”

“Trust me, it’s a great idea.” He slipped his hands under her t-shirt to caress the bare skin of her back as he burrowed his face in her silky, loose hair. “I can do things for you, make you feel like you’ve never felt before.” That was what he said, but inside his head it was just the opposite. I need you to make me feel alive. But he couldn’t say that out loud. He couldn’t admit it. He didn’t need to. She could read his mind.

“Jacks, it’s not me you want. All you’re looking for is a warm body to help keep the nightmares away.”

“Why is that so bad?” he snapped, then was instantly sorry. “It is you I want, Abby. Maybe I didn’t realize it before now, but I’ve always wanted you, since the moment we first met. Let me show you.” He caught her mouth again, preventing her from saying any more, but this time, as he kissed her, he slipped one practiced hand beneath the baggy t-shirt and captured her small breast in his palm. She started at his touch, but made no move to pull away. Quite the opposite. She leaned into him, deepening the kiss with her own searching tongue, her long fingered hand slipping around to his bare back.

Skin to skin. That’s what he needed. That would help him feel.

Sorry but to see how it all turns out you’ll need to download the book. Do that before Monday and you’ll get the book absolutely free! If you enjoy it, please leave me a review. I’d appreciate it.

Download Saving Hill on Amazon.

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