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As an internet archaeologist, I love digging up new websites to share with all of you! This week, I not only have a website but I have the website’s owner, too. Megan Gotch is the creative force behind The Nerdy Girlie; a blog about living the fannish life.

One of my favorite posts on the blog is “Gateway Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am Today” because I can also tend to catalog bits of my life in terms of the fandom I was following at the time. Before you read that, read this interview with Megan.

Sum up your background in two sentences.

Megan: Graduated from Penn State in 2005. In 2012 I finally began putting my Journalism major to use by starting The Nerdy Girlie blog and beginning to writing my first book this past year, 100 Cups of Coffee.

Why did you start The Nerdy Girlie?

Megan: I was inspired to begin my blog in 2012 after attending my fourth San Diego Comic Con. Having been for the last four years I thought I would be able to help new comers and veterans alike at discovering how to have the best time at the con. From there it grew into writing about all of my favorite nerdy things and in this past year opening up about my personal journey.

Are you a full time blogger?

Megan: I am a full time blogger at a part time schedule!

You cover a variety of fannish topics – what’s your personal favorite?

NerdyGirl CosplayMegan: My favorite topics to cover on the blog are Everyday Cosplay and San Diego Comic Con tips. But, as of this year, my favorite series on my blog and Instagram account is 100 Cups of Coffee. The series chronicles my first year of divorce. Discovering who I really want to be, the direction I want my life to take and the people I’ve met and have supported me through out it all.

Keeping up a blog is a lot more work than it seems. Do you find that keeping it up impacts your fannish joy at all?

Megan: I do feel like I am obligated to have an opinion about everything in nerd culture. And I do fangirl hard core about said things in real life. Sometimes it is hard to translate that to the blog when I feel like everyone is writing about said thing. A lot of the times now, I like to just live in the moment.

What do you do to keep traffic rolling in to your blog?

Megan: I keep traffic coming to by blog with honesty and always trying my best to make a meaningful connection with my readers, many of whom have turned into friends!

What are your goals for the blog?

Megan: My goals for my blog is to always continue to grow. But it has always been a place for me to connect with others who love the same things I do. I hope I can always continue to do that and grow a loving and caring nerd community.

What’s your advice for a fan thinking of starting their own fannish blog?

Megan: My advice for starting your own blog is be you! Everyone has their own unique voice, let that help you stand out in the crowd.

These are a few of your favorite fandoms. . .

Megan: I have a lot of favorite fandoms! EK! Futurama, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, San Diego Comic Con, fashion, pie, coffee, ballet, music: A Silent Film, The Filthy Souls and ALL THE FEELZ!

What’s the best, weirdest, funniest fan experience you’ve ever had?

Megan: The best fan experiences I have always happen at cons! This past San Diego Comic Con I was able to sit on my very first panel, plan a huge bash with my bestie Being Geek Chic and co-host the 3rd and only Sherlock fan party at SDCC! SDCC is like my Christmas!

If you’re feeling kindred, follow Megan at:
Instagram: @thenerdygirlie
Twitter: @thenerdygirlie

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