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Supernatural ebook deal and GIVEAWAY! – ENDED

It may be Black Friday to the rest of the world, but around here it’s Red Friday! If you buy my Supernatural interview ebook, Come on In, the Water’s Bloody before midnight tonight, you’ll get it for only .99.

On Saturday, the book goes up to $1.99 and it will keep rising until it’s back to the regular $4.99 price on Monday. That’s what you call a Kindle Countdown Deal.

To celebrate, I’m giving away a Supernatural subscription box from Fanspirations. (Fanspirations gift certificate equal to the value of 1 box plus US shipping. )

How to Enter

Fanspirations BoxLeave a comment below with your thoughts about Supernatural. It can be a quote, your favorite character, your favorite episode, etc.

Contest Ends when the countdown ends at midnight on Cyber Monday. And remember, you don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books. You can read them on almost any mobile device. So grab Come on In, the Water’s Bloody before the price goes back up.

(Note: photo is two items from last months’ Fanspirations box. Your box will have different items)

If you’d like to buy a Fanspirations box, use the code CYNREF and save 10%


  • Emily Busana

    I absolutely love this show. It has taught me so much and has helped me through the darkest point of my life.
    The number one thing i take away from the show is that “family don’t end in blood, and it doesn’t start there either.”
    I love my Spn family and the amazing actors through their huge hearts and kind souls. I truely don’t feel alone anymore and i have learnt to appreciate the world and those around me.
    I honestly don’t know where i would be today if it wern’t for the strong messages from both the show and the actors, to always keep fighting.
    I love Supernatural with all my being…and i hope it never ends!! 😀

  • Nicole johnston

    I’ve only recently fallen back into regularly watching supernatural and it is like coming home. The show really did save my life! It gave me strength to know that I am not alone and to always keep fighting despite the monsters out in the world.

  • KimberlyFDR

    I have loved the Winchester boys for a long, long time. Their devotion to one another, often at the sacrifice of themselves and others, is a sight to behold. They are always stronger together, their greatest strength is their greatest weakness.

  • Betty Wilfong

    I bought your book back in June 2014 and enjoyd it very much! Have you thought about doing an update?

    This season the show really is intriguing again–so much mystery with Amara, the visions, the glimpse of the Cage–I’m really spending brain cells trying to figure out where this is going. And I am so happy with Sam and Dean working together again…though I’m very worried about the potential for another ‘one is on the side of good, the other on the side of evil’ heartbreak!

  • Melisa De Luca

    Sam Winchester is not only my favourite character on Supernatural, but one of my favourite characters ever. His compassion, empathy and selflessness is endlessly inspiring to me, and it’s what keeps me watching even when I struggle to see that same kindhearted character suffering. Just one of the things I love about Supernatural, but definitely the thing – the person – I love the most.

  • Alicia Heim

    LOVE the show, been a fan since the beginning. My favorite character has to be The Trickster, my favorite recent episode is “Baby”(11×04), and one of my favorite quotes is from Crowley – “This isn’t Wall Street, this is Hell! We have a little something called integrity.”

  • nickie

    I love the show. The Winchesters are awesome! I love watching the character development of the all of the characters like Castiel or Crowley, all great characters.

  • Gin Zero

    I enjoy the story line! More so when they insert the comedy episode to kinda lighten up the mood after something that was hard on the boys. Makes me enjoy this show so much more to have a good laugh after crying. Plus, for me, with the good times, sad times, and bad/special moments the Winchester brothers/all go through; I can relate with them on a personal level and it’s just nice to not feel alone. (Even though it’s a just a show) it’s my happiness 83!!!
    — Zero —

  • Essykins

    Dean: Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cake hole.

    Supernatural is an incredibly capitivating show with a plethora of dynamically fascinating characters. I love this show so much!

  • Essykins

    Dean: Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole.

    Supernatural is an incredibly captivating show with a slew of dynamically fascinating characters!

  • Cynthia

    Thanks for that. I’d love to update it but the show has gotten so much more popular since the early days I don’t have the access I used to

  • Ally

    I love supernatural so much. Being an older sibling, I really connect with Dean and his need to protect Sam. I think all older siblings feel that it is our job to protect our younger sisters/brothers and I think this show really portrays that. I love that we’ve been able to watch the boys grow into the amazing actors that they are all while making new friends, getting married and starting a family. Jared, Jensen, Misha and all the others are such an inspiration and give me and thousands of other fans around the world the strength to keep fighting and never give up. I cannot express how much Supernatural and it’s cast have changed my life and I know that no matter what, this show will always be a part of me. #AKF #Spnfamily

  • Katherine

    MY all time favourite quote for SPN before season 10 is We make our own future! Dean telling this to Sam when they are going to defy Heaven and Hell’s plans for them!

    Plus I also loved I’m proud of us just before Dean died in the finale!

  • Tashauna

    I have many favorite things about the show. I love Sam and Dean’s relationship, toxic as it may be sometimes. They’re ‘die for each other’ love is something that I kinda wish I had with a sibling. Castiel is definitely my favorite character though. I absolutely love his character arc and think it’s hilarious that an energetic man child has to play someone so serious. My favorite episode is “yellow fever” because it’s hilarious to see Dean’s funny, but not funny anxiety. My favorite quote is by death, “I suppose it can stay. I like the pizza.” My favorite scene though is when they’re all in the diner, and dean calls Cass a ‘baby in a trench coat’ and Sam say that he hurt his feelings. This show really has helped with a lot of things. It’s there for me when I need a good laugh or a good scare. I love the boys and everything they do. I will always support them no matter what. ❤️

  • Donna

    I have been a fan from episode 1 and have watched through all the changes the boys have withstood all these years. I am a fan of the cast, the crew, everyone that makes the show possible. I have so much love for them it goes beyond great entertainment. They have served as a bright spot in my life each week through some pretty difficult circumstances and continue to inspire me in ways I can’t begin to quantify here but I am grateful to be part of the spn family and “family don’t end with blood” has become a quote that means a lot to me.

  • Milana

    I am addicted to the show, the fandom, the actors, the production team – all of it. It’s my go-to place when things are rough, a wonderful jumping off point to discuss creativity in writing (fan fiction AND the show’s writers) a place to squee over how gorgeous Jared and Jensen are (yes, I’m shallow that way! lol) and a fantastic way to meet lifelong friends from all over the world.

  • Jennifer J

    I like Supernatural. I wish they would get back to the basics of them hunting, not always have a bad guy to chase and defeat every season. They are getting a little crazy with the storylines. Thanks!

  • Alicia

    Supernatural has owned my heart since “Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days.” Here’s to season 11, 12, 13, and beyond!

  • Cynthia

    Contest is closed – the winner will be notified shortly.

    Thanks to everyone for posting such wonderful Supernatural memories.

  • Cynthia

    The winner of the giveaway is Ally! But sadly, she hasn’t responded to my email. Ally, if you’re reading this, please respond ASAP so I can send you your prize.

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