Lost in Space on Netflix; Stephen King on Hulu: RIP TV is Okay with Me

Lost in Space on Netflix; Stephen King on Hulu: RIP TV is Okay with Me

I follow TV news everyday but today several forces collided in a most unusual and intriguing way. It began with Chuck Lorre’s vanity card at the end of yesterday’s Big Bang Theory.

Chuck Lorre RIP TVIt combines a mention of a classic TV series revival with a move to air it only through a digital streaming app.

Right after I saw that news, I saw a post on Deadline Hollywood saying that Netflix had bought the rights to produce a revival of one of my favorite shows, Lost in Space. Yes, Netflix. NBC took a swing at in some years ago but passed. Just as well as I suspect it wouldn’t have lasted more than a few episodes. On Netflix, it has a chance.

From there, I saw that Hulu just released a trailer for their highly anticipated production of Stephen King’s thriller about a time traveling teacher who tries to stop the Kennedy Assassination.

To wrap this whole thing in a video tape bow, Fox just announced that they will no longer acknowledge Live and Same Day ratings. Since the majority of the world is time-shifting TV with DVR’s and watching on demand and through streaming services, Fox says it’s not fair to judge a series’ success based on the overnight numbers.

Fox, I salute you!

The way we watch TV has changed. It’s time the networks, the advertisers and all the powers that be started changing, too. Actually, the networks set a record this year for the longest fall season without a single cancellation. (Broken earlier this week by the ax to Wicked City.) Maybe, going forward, the crazy, cult TV shows I love will have a chance of lasting more than a few episodes.

As for Lost in Space on Netflix. . . WhooHoo! I can’t wait.

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