I’m with the band: 2 new apps for indie musicians

Musicians perform because they have to. It's in the blood and in their soul. It would have to be because no sane human would put themselves through the nightly grind, the travel, the uncertainty and the poverty if they could live doing anything else. But just because it's part of your DNA doesn't mean you shouldn't get paid for your performances. In the "olden" days, musicians counted on their fans to drop money in a tip jar or into an open guitar case on a Subway platform. In 2015, however, very few people carry cash and that percentage drops when you count just the crowd at a club. showslingerYou could hire someone to stand by the stage and swipe credit cards or you can get ShowSlinger. This mobile app allows fans to tip you with PayPal or ApplePay.  Want to give back? Fans can also use the app to request a song in return for their tip. But that's not all!  ShowSlinger is also a crowdfunding app. Need a new amp or travel expenses? Create a campaign and watch the dollars roll in. (Okay, it's not quite that easy but it's doable).  And when fans follow you on ShowSlinger you can send them text messages, even custom messaging based on location so you can zero in on your target audience. And soon, you'll be able to use ShowSlinger to book gigs right through the app. My son used to be in charge of the bookings for his band and I know he was always stuck in a game of telephone tag right up to the last minute. If ShowSlinger can stop that madness, it truly is a magical tool for musicians. Note: ShowSlinger does take a percentage of any funds you receive through the app and it sounds like there might be some other fees so be sure to read the fine print - which is actually quite humorous - before signing up.

When Inspiration Strikes

BandLab AppIf you're going to perform, you're going to need some new songs. So while you're downloading ShowSlinger, pick up BandLab, too. This app is all about capturing and collaborating on songs with a partner or a group. With BandLab on your phone, you'll never lose track of an idea. Every bit of inspiration gets recorded in the cloud. Then, when you have some free time, you can use the app to start editing and developing each song. Since it's all done in the cloud, you can invite others to comment or make changes to the piece. BandLab tracks everyone's contribution so there won't be any confusion in regard to who added that brilliant riff or removed that dud section. Like ShowSlinger, BandLab is all about a single space. When you keep every note, gig and fan message in one app, you won't waste time searching for bits or stressing when you realize you've lost that incredible first line of a song. Both apps are available for iTunes and Android and they have smart websites with all the information you need to get your show on the road.  

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