Let me entertain you. . . .take 43

I've spent the last hour writing and deleting the words in this post. It's Friday. I'm in my rented office, with no interruptions and no internet connection. There's nothing to do here but write and usually I'm caught up in the flow by now. Usually. Not today. Today, I keep seeing words on the page that are way too serious. Entrepreneurs and lead pages, social media marketing, life coaching, success, money, keeping up with the Facebook Joneses. Then I look at what I've written, realize that it makes me sound like I'm unhappy with life so I delete it all. I have a pretty good life - a life that let's me sit in an office every Friday writing for the love of if. But sometimes I forget. Hang on. Don't start typing a new URL in the address bar or reaching for the X. This isn't going to be one of those "hey, there are starving children in Africa who would be happy to have that taco." conversations. This is about fun. Every day, I skim dozens of articles and hundreds of social media posts looking for nuggets I can use for work and things that make me smile. I bookmark 5 or 6, intending to go back and read them fully later but it never happens. The bookmarks pile up and eventually, I delete them so I can start fresh. Why? I love to learn. I love to meet new people online. I simply love to read. But reading has become a chore and that's not good. Especially since I'm a writer and I want people reading every elephant I write, not skimming for the gist of the conversation. (How many of you saw the wrong word in that sentence? Just a little test to see if you're reading or skimming.) I hang with a bunch of driven entrepreneurs who want to help you make your life better through coaching, and training and healthy eating and organization. That's super. I want to help make your life better by giving you a break - a smile - a popcorn moment. If one of my posts, books or videos gave you a moment of tranquility then I've done my job. If it made you excited or happy; even better. If it inspired you to greatness - whoa just reign it in a little Calamity Jane we're not trying to change the world here, just the next five minutes. Sure, I'd like to be a billionaire but only because I could use my money and power to produce a movie with all my favorite actors. (Mr. Ackles, let's see what you can do with that scene on page 76.) But what I really want is for a billion people to get a smile when they see an update notification on my blog, YouTube channel or Twitter account.  And if those make you smile, you'll be ecstatic when you read that book I'm going to finish writing one of these days. If you don't feel that way about me, go find a content creator that does float your boat. There are some incredible writers, artists and vidders out there who could use your support. For your own sanity, take the time to enjoy a piece of content this week. If you aren't comfortable leaving a comment, at least reward the creator with a like or a share. They'll appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

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