Why now is the best time to start selling on eBay

Why now is the best time to start selling on eBay

You’ve been thinking about selling on eBay, haven’t you? So stop thinking and get doing because now is the very best time of year to start an eBay business. Here’s why:

1. eBay sales skyrocket in the last quarter of the year

Once the kids go back to school, eBay sales begin to climb, reaching an all time high every December. This happens for two reasons. First, when kids go back to school and the weather changes, people stay home and stay indoors. Vacations are over. Nighttime BBQ’s are over. We’re indoors and bored. And bored means time spent on the internet.

The second reason is the coming holidays. Back-to-school, Halloween and then Christmas are all big buying holidays and people are happy to buy used items on eBay. From old backpacks to costumes your kids have outgrown to one-of-a-kind collectible gifts – people find it and sell it on eBay.

2. If you’re new, you need ramp up time

If you’ve never sold on eBay or haven’t sold much, eBay puts limits on your account, so you want to start now, in the summer, so you have time to build up your account before the crazy season hits. You don’t want to lose out because eBay will only let you list ten items in December.

3. eBay is a great way to clear your household clutter

Chances are you’re going to be bringing in a lot of new things during the holidays, so use eBay as a way of cleaning out the old items to make room. Have the kids hand over toys they don’t care about any more. Grab those DVDs you’ve watched; and you know those cassettes that you can’t play because you don’t have a player? They’re worth money on eBay.

4. You could earn enough spare cash to pay for the holidays

You want to buy super gifts for your family. Maybe travel on Thanksgiving weekend? That takes cash and cash is what you can make selling stuff on eBay. Imagine getting through this holiday season completely debt free. If you’ve got the time and the willingness to make it happen, you can do it with eBay.


Convinced? Good. Head over to eBay.com right now and sign up for a seller account. You will need a credit card or Paypal account to pay your fees but eBay doesn’t ask for any up front money. If you open a regular account (not a store account), you can start listing without spending a dime. You’ll only pay when your items sell.

Next, take a fast sweep through the house for items to sell. Collect them in a box then research them buy searching for similar items on eBay then using the “Sold” filter (in the sidebar) to see if they sell and for how much. Don’t get misled by people who list items for crazy prices. It’s the SOLD price that counts.

cover tintedPick the best 5 items based on your research, photograph them and list them. Don’t worry about making mistakes or underselling. Just get them up and get them sold. That’s how you prove to eBay that you’re legit and in turn you’ll be able to increase your limits and grow your ability to sell before the fall.

eBay can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be. If all you’re trying to do is make some extra cash, it’s easier than holding a garage sale. And once you’ve sold all of your own spare items, you can find more free things to sell in a dozen different places.

For more on that, pick up my ebook eBay with Empty Pockets where I teach you how to find hundreds of dollars worth of goods to sell without spending more than the cost of my book. (And even my books is free if you have Kindle Unlimited.)

I’ve been selling on eBay since the site first opened. We went from a few items now and then to an average of two items a day. That’s our sweet spot for extra cash without two much stress. Whether you’re looking to make some spare cash or turn eBay into your full time job; the time to start is right now.

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