5 Ways to tell your story online

5 Ways to tell your story online

Do you have a story to tell? Your life, someone else’s life, ordinary or extraordinary. Fact or fiction, complete or still unfolding? Don’t keep it to yourself, use one or more of these five digital tools to share your story with the world.

1. Start a blog

Blogging started out as nothing more than a digital diary. People used their blogs to talk about what happened in their day and then they shared those thoughts with family and friends. No one ever expected strangers to read about Timmy’s first birthday party or that crazy thing that happened at the grocery store. And make money from blogging? Talk about a fairy tale.

Now blogs are repositories of all kinds of information from personal stories to corporate communications and they are huge money makers for people who put in the time and effort. You can start blogging on a free site like Blogger or host your own WordPress blog for under $10 a month. Either way, blogging is a super way to tell your story and there’s no barrier to getting started. All you need is a way to connect to the internet and if you’re reading this, you have one. So go blog.

2. Start a YouTube channel

If you’re better at talking than writing, start a YouTube channel. You can sit down in front of a webcam and simply Vlog away (Vlog = Video blogging) or point your camera at your hands while you craft, unbox or teach. Take it to the next level with programs like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker — add text, titles, music and effects to jazz up your videos. Just remember, the most popular (as in, she makes a TON of money) YouTube channel is a woman who simply opens up toys and plays with them on screen. Bells and whistles are nice, but it’s the content that counts.

3. Tell your story on Instagram

If you prefer still pictures to moving pictures, Instagram is the place for you. This mobile-only app sends photos out to your followers and nothing more. Yet people have turned this simple app into an art form in the way they design and deliver their photos. For example; if you love to thrift shop, you could post daily images of the crazy things you find at the thrift store. Don’t put anything else on that account and soon you’ll become known for what you post. The key here is quality and consistency. There’s an audience for almost any visual story as long as you put it together right.

4. Podcast your story

Podcasting is similar to posting YouTube videos but the emphasis is on the audio. You can go pure audio with an instant broadcast app like RAUR or go with some video using a tool like Periscope. Or, you can get organized and turn out a professional podcast through iTunes. The main difference is reach and speed.

Apps like RAUR and Periscope are designed for quick, live outreach while a produced podcast is longer and is meant to be played whenever someone has time to listen in. Let’s say the story you want to tell is about building your business. You can go live as things happen during the day, or produce a podcast where you use your story to help others build a business, too.

5. Publish an ebook

We’ll wrap this up with the old school method of storytelling – the book. Amazon has made it incredibly easy to publish your story online both digitally and as print-on-demand. There are dozens of other publishers and tools, but if you’re starting out, Amazon is the way to go. You can literally tell your life story as a literary piece or use your life experience to teach others how to do what it is you do.

There are tools like Scrivener that can help you format your books but honestly, the hardest part of writing a book is putting your fingers on the keyboard and typing until your done. You can get help with covers, formatting and uploading, but the writing part is on you.

I’ve never met a person who didn’t have a story tell. Some stories are longer and more interesting than others. Some are informative. Some are funny and some will make your heartache. But for every story, there’s at least one other person out there who would benefit from hearing it. So don’t keep your story to yourself, put it out there and share it with the world.

Have a question about how to tell your story? Ask it in the comment section below.  Already out there? Link me so I can have a look and a listen.

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