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Cool Find: Casting notes from Irwin Allen’s Time Travelers

If you’re new around here, you may not know that I’m a freak for anything Irwin Allen. He’s the guy who created Lost in Space and Land of the Giants and he’s the evil genius behind Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno and a little known movie of the week called Time Travelers. (There’s no official release but you can find it on the end of the Time Tunnel series box set.)

Time Travelers

The movie was a pilot for a series that was sadly never picked up. It stars Sam Groom and Tom Hallack as adventurers tasked with going back in time in order to find a cure for a modern disease. Back in 1871, Dr. Henderson (Richard Basehart) came up with a cure but the cure was destroyed along with the doctor in the famed Chicago fire. So the boys go back in time but instead of arriving in plenty of time, they arrive only a few days before the fire. That leaves them desperate for answers while trying to hide not only their real identities but the fact that they know everyone is going to perish horribly before the week is out.

It’s a wonderful time travel story and the stars are just perfect in their roles. But Groom and Hallack weren’t the only actors considered for the leading roles. The casting director also considered Richard Hatch and David Selby and Ben Murphy and another one of my faves Sam Elliott. I know this because I now own the original casting notes folder. I’m amazed by the fact that this folder from the mid-1970’s was stored and eventually sold on eBay.

Click the button below and I’ll show you what’s inside.

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