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The episode where Cynthia almost joins a planner cult

I’ve known about these planner people for some time now. I even follow a few dabblers on YouTube, but last week I found myself watching one planner video after enough, subscribing to their channels, even checking out their embellishment suppliers on Etsy.

Part of me knew I was headed down a dark road. I’ve been there before with those scrapbookers and then those mixed media people. You get pulled in with promises of color and exquisitely combined shapes and you start throwing your money at it and spending all of your free time at their cult headquarters (It’s called Michaels) but it never works out like they promise.

planner 4

I broke away and I swore I’d never go down that path again but these planner people . . . With their cute stickers and pastel colors and lives full of nail appointments and laundry days. . . It’s just too hard to resist. The only thing saving me from diving in head first is the power struggle between The Cult of Kiki K and The Cult of Condren. I lean toward one then the other lures me back in with a personalized cover or a inspirational quote dashboard.

If I give in, I know what will happen. I’ll have to sign over half my paycheck to get my first planner. Those adorable retro TV stickers are only $5 for 25 but I’d have to by 12 sets to cover every day of the year because TV is important and I need to write down what I watched on a daily basis. And those embellished paper clips and color markers! Dear lord, you can’t do this without a fine set of markers!

Just writing about it is making me feel all lightheaded and tingly. I know that when I’m done here, I’m going to have to watch another video or ten. But I can’t! I simply can’t justify spending $300 a year on a faux leather bound book that will mock me with its empty pages. I don’t have nail appointments and I’m not planning a trip in the summer. I can’t write small enough to fit in those tiny spaces and don’t get me started on those monthly goal pages.

I’m going to resist.

I must resist.

But those planner people all seem so happy. And those unboxing videos, where they see their planner for the first time . . . I want to achieve that level of bliss but my ten dollar calendar from Barnes and Noble just doesn’t cut it.

Many years ago, I had a planner. It was black and sophisticated and I remember thinking it was a huge investment. But I was a reporter then and I needed it to carry around the phone numbers of publicists and to jot down luncheon dates with celebrities. My planner didn’t have Kawaii coffee cups but it had driving directions to the studio where Buffy was filmed.

But my planner days are behind me. I’ve seen that side of life and it’s time to move on. . . But those little TV stickers are so cool and all those tabs. . . Oh please, somebody stop me, I feel a trip to Staples coming on.

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