Crafty Fans: Supernatural Jewelry from AngelQ Expressions

AngelQ-Samulet-300x225Sam. Dean. Castiel. The Impala. A Devil’s Trap – You know what I’m talking about and so does Angel of AngelQ Expressions on Etsy. She stopped by (virtually) to talk about the show, her creations and this very special fandom.

How did you get into fandom in the first place?

Angel: I can honestly say that the fandom found me and I am thrilled! I tend to get obsessed about my favorite things like Supernatural or Horror Movies or even coffee (and recently Saturday Morning Cartoons).

I made and sold and my first Supernatural piece in May of 2009, which was the Exorcism Protection Amulet Beaded Necklace with Hematite. I was one of only a couple of shops back then that even made Supernatural-themed jewelry. Somehow, somewhere word got out and it’s been a whirlwind of Good Vibes from fans and friends alike ever since. I absolutely love our SPN Family. I really do. I’ve seen first hand what we can accomplish when we work together, from supporting charities like ‘A Dog’s Life Rescue’ to helping Supernatural win People’s Choice Awards through our diligent voting. Bobby Singer was right. Family don’t end with blood.

What’s one of your favorite episodes or moments from the show?

Angel: Oh My Stars! There are just too many delicious episodes to choose from! The ones that give me the giggles are simply divine, so I will have to say ‘Bad Day at Black Rock’, ‘Yellow Fever’, and ‘Changing Channels’ — just to name a few. I had Dean scream when the cat jumped out of the locker as my ringtone for quite a while. I definitely got interesting looks whenever my phone would ring while I was in line at the post office. I also have to say I was hooked after watching the first episode in 2005. They took on urban legends, monsters, and evil spirits — like a horror movie in each episode. Oh yes. This gal had found her Mother Ship.

Gotta ask – are you a Sam girl or Dean girl?

Angel: I am such a Dean girl. Always have been. He’s not perfect, but his heart is in the right place, especially when it comes to his brother, Sam. He’s goofy and sexy and loyal. Jensen Ackles is a superb actor and utterly sublime. I couldn’t ask for a better obsession.

Now on to your jewelry: what inspired you to create fannish jewelry?

Angel: I wanted to create pieces to express my obsession in a very subtle way, so only those who watch the shows would “get it”. One of my favorite designs is my Road So Far Supernatural Charm bracelet. There were so many awesome episodes, so I decided to make bracelets picking out some of the best moments and complementing them with Supernatural staples, such as the Metallicar and Salt. Each design is unique and that is one of the reasons why I love creating them. I love using salt and stones in my jewelry designs for good mojo. We can always use good mojo in our lives.

What led you to sell your works on Etsy?

Angel: I started off creating jewelry boxes and body products, then shifted to jewelry and accessories, because there wasn’t anything out there that I appealed to me. I have very odd tastes. Not the kind that you would see in fashion magazines. Definitely not in department stores. So I started designing pieces that I would like to wear. Fortunately, there are people out there who have the same strange fashion sense as I do.

I truly believe in expressing one’s individuality. So I create what I love. Etsy gives me a worldwide venue to share my designs and inspirations. And I absolutely adore the people that I’ve met along the way. My shop motto, Support Creative Intelligence, is also my mantra. My heart will always be with individual artisan works.

You use some unique items in your work – how do you source them?

Angel: I get inspirations from watching my favorite shows, horror movies, or just letting my mind wander into that creative space. Once I have an idea, I begin my quest for my materials. I support my fellow Etsians and their supply shops and buy locally whenever I can. The more I can keep within my community, the better. Sometimes certain charms or beads catch my eye, so I get them. You just never know when the magic will happen.

angelQ-Expressions-300x225What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about selling their fannish handiwork?

Angel: First and foremost, be true to yourself. Create pieces that are fresh and new, because that is how you will stand out from the rest of the crowd. Don’t undersell your hard work. You put in the time. You charge what you are worth. And never, ever intentionally copy someone else’s designs. Be inspired by what you see and come up with your own creations. We are all in this together.

Finally, I’d love to hear about your favorite or strangest or funniest fandom experience.

Angel: I have to say I LOVE hearing that my buyers are wearing my jewelry designs to conventions. I’ve seen many photos of fans wearing my jewelry designs and posing with the cast of Supernatural. That truly warms my heart. Yes, I vicariously live through my buyers. They are such a fun bunch and I am honored when they share these memories with me. I do believe my jewelry has been closer to Jensen Ackles than I have! Hmmm… I may just have to change that.

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