A Little Camera Time with the Selwyn Brothers

I don’t step in front of the camera very often anymore but when Jesse Selwyn calls, I come running. Jesse is my favorite director. I’ve worked with him and his brother Zach Selwyn on a half dozen comedy music videos and skits. What I like best about working for Jesse is that he’s the most organized director I’ve ever met. He has a plan and a vision and he makes it happen within a reasonable amount of time.

He’s so dead on that when I was at his place shooting a web commercial for Verizon Fios Quantum, I predicted exactly what time we’d wrap shooting. And guess, what, I called it. That’s a testament to Jesse’s skill and his amazing crew. So here’s an extra shout out to AD Michael Anderson. I usually work as an AD, so I know it’s a tough job. You have to allow the crew enough time to set up and get the shot but at the same time you have to keep the actors happy and the day moving forward. Michael had a handle on it and so it was a pleasant day.

IMG_4208What I like best about filming is meeting all of these amazing people. One of my co-stars was a man who started working in Hollywood when he was a teen many, many years ago. He learned how to prepare the photo backgrounds you see behind talk show hosts and newscasters. He also did scenic paintings for the Spider-Man movies. Fascinating.

I also met Malinda, whose husband is working on a software program for graphic novel writers. It’s like scriptwriting software but it takes into consideration the graphic panels, etc. On the day of our shoot, she was anxiously waiting to see if they were going to reach their goal on Kickstarter and lookee, lookee, they did! ComiXwriter is going to happen.

Now, here’s how small the world is. After the shoot, I looked up Malinda’s husband on Twitter and it turns out I already follow him. His name is Glen Farrington and if you love comics you’ll want to follow him on Twitter, too.

All in all, it was a fun day. The best thing about working in front of the camera is that you get pampered. I love getting my make-up done. I only wish I could learn to do the same here at home. The hardest thing about working in front of the camera is remembering that I’m not on the crew so I have to keep my production thoughts to myself!

Quiet on the set! We’re rolling.

If you need a music video, web commercial, PSA or short video, you can contact Jesse at Cutaway Creative. He’ll get the job done.

You can now see the commercial right here:

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  • Juanita

    OH WOW!! So fantasic to hear you are back on set and filming projects again! I bet it was refreshing!

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