Monsterpalooza 2013

This past weekend, I spent a couple of days hanging with the wild and crazy folks of Monsterpalooza.

The convention is dedicated to classic monsters and the people who make them. This is no ordinary horror con – Monsterpalooza celebrates the special effects teams and make-up artists who bring fantasy creatures to life. The vendors room is packed with artists who do amazing work such as Todd Robey. I picked up one of his brand new Walking Dead caricature prints for my son.

They also have a model building competition for those who work in miniature. My husband won second place in his category with a chariot from Lost in Space.

Here are a few photos from the weekend. What I didn’t get were pictures of the fashions. The rockabilly and Goth girls go all out and I wish I had captured those looks on film. Then there was the girl who was only wearing paint for a top. . . . yeah, you’ll meet all kinds at Monsterpalooza.

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