5 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Pitch Perfect

Yesterday, I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 and I was totally inspired but before I tell you about that experience, I want to turn you over to my friends at Campaigner Email Marketing. They put together this fun and informative post and infographic that will help you make sure your marketing emails hit the right note every time!

Pitch Perfect

Take Personalization To a Higher Octave

When the Bellas realized their standard renditions of all-female classics weren’t making the cut, they found the key to their comeback was to switch up their repertoire and personalize their performance for the crowd. Taking a note from the Bellas’ success, effective marketing campaigns require personalization and knowing your audience. But it’s more than just inserting a name into the subject line, it’s about offering content and images directly targeted to your recipients’ demographics or preferences. With tools like Campaigner’s new Dynamic Content, one email can render different content for specific groups by taking into account gender, age, region, purchase history, level of engagement and more. Perhaps you reward your most engaged users with 10% off and two tickets to see Pitch Perfect 2 and the less engaged contacts receive 5% off and one ticket. Whatever offer or message you provide, tailor the content accordingly to get a standing ovation from every customer.

Harness The Power of Social Harmony

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Cliff House, The Creature and Me

This week, I ran across two articles that took me back to my childhood.

Robert Klara from AdWeek wrote a love letter to one of my favorite Universal Monsters, The Creature from the Black Lagoon. The article is called “8 Ways the Creature From the Black Lagoon Still Walks Among Us”  and it includes quotes from a few people that I’m very familiar with including Bob Plant of Moebius Models and super collector Bob Burns.

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Cool Tools: 5 Link Curated Newsletters by RefreshBox

This week, I want to introduce you to Refreshbox. This new site is a collection of curated weekly newsletters that contain nothing more than 5 links on a particular subject.

Let’s get started.

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Museum of Science Fiction teams up with Disney’s “Tomorrowland” to search for visions of the future!

I don’t usually post full press releases here but this is a fun contest to support two things I love, The Museum of Science Fiction and Tomorrowland!

The Museum of Science Fiction today announced the launch of an online contest to celebrate the opening of Disney’s new film “Tomorrowland.” Fans can submit their vision of tomorrow for a chance to win a prize pack including promotional items and tickets to the film.

The Vision of Tomorrow Contest invites fans ages 13 and up to create a display that reveals their predicted landscape of the future. Using any materials, entrants will create and photograph their design for submission via email. Visions can be built from, but are not limited to, drawings, blocks, paper clips, 3D printing – whatever captures the builder’s imagination. As in the world of Tomorrowland, the sky is the limit.

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