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I love everything about television and TV production. You'll find some of my acting stories here and more on my TV blog.

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I love writing. . .books, blog posts, articles. I'm a published author and I'm working on several new ebooks so stay tuned.

The Fandom Biz

My fandom led to a fabulous job. Now I'm teaching others how to turn their passion into profit on my other blog The Fandom Biz.

The Online Biz

I'm fascinated with everything internet. From social media to ecommerce, tools, tech and more.

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eBay with Empty Pockets:

Did you know that you can start an eBay business without spending a dime? In this book, I’ll …

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Are you a creative soul trying to turn your passion into a full-time job? I hear you and I can help.
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TV of the Absurd

Visit my TV blog for cast and crew interviews, TV and DVD reviews and everything tube. Visit TV of the Absurd

The Fandom Biz

Fandom changed my life. Now I'm teaching others how to turn their fandom into a full-time, fun job. Visit The Fandom Biz