Come on in the Water’s Bloody

This book is a compilation of Supernatural interviews that I conducted in the early days — back when they swore it was going to be simply a 5-year run. From Comic-Con interviews with Jensen, Jared and Kripke to 1-on-1’s with the guest stars and staffers, this is how it all began.

Waiting For Ethan: A Paranormal Romance

Joyce is forced to choose between two lovers: one is the most eligible bachelor in all of Mystic Harbor, and the other is, unfortunately, dead. A lighthouse, an orchard, a high school dance — Mack and Joyce are about to discover the dark side of love as they unravel the thirty-year-old mystery that left one young girl Waiting for Ethan.

Saving Hill

Charlie Hill is the biggest puzzle at Lakeland Mental Hospital. He claims to have been abducted by aliens, but creative therapist Abby Westin thinks it’s Hill’s way of coping with something horrible that happened. As she tries to solve the puzzle she finds herself caught up in a conspiracy and a murder. Hill’s best friend Mitch Jackson is the only person she can trust, but Jacks may know more than he’s willing to admit about the incident that turned Charlie Hill into a broken man.

This and That. . .

Summary: A few days before Christmas, Dean gets a frantic call from Lisa who claims there’s a ghost stalking Ben. Author’s Note: I wrote this after The Third Man and before Mannequin 3: The Reckoning, so any similarities between this story and that one are purely a fangirl’s mind working like a screenwriter. I hope you enjoy this flashback to the Supernatural past. Have Yourself A Merry Little Winchester Christmas If you would prefer to read a clean, downloadable version of this story, click here for the PDF. When his phone rang, Dean figured it was Bobby because few people had his cell number and after a full year out of the business, even fewer people called it. He reached for the phone on the nightstand, not taking his eyes off the TV where Grace Kelly had Jimmy Stewart in a lip lock. “The ultimate Hitchcock blonde,” he muttered. Sam wasn’t watching the movie. He was sitting on the other bed, mirroring Dean’s position, back to the headboard but with his laptop open on his thighs. They weren’t on a hunt, hadn’t been on one in over two weeks, so he wasn’t researching. Probably catching up with his so calledRead More →

Back in 1998, I was working as a freelance reporter for Inside Kung-Fu magazine. My first big piece was an interview with Jeff Pruitt and Sophia Crawford – the stunt coordinator and Buffy stunt double from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I got to spend quite a few nights at the studio watching them film and it was the thrill of my life — which I know I’ve mentioned more than a few times here on this blog. Anyway, I was cleaning out a closet and found all of my old Inside Kung-Fu magazines, so I thought I’d share screenshots of the articles. All of the super photos came straight from Jeff. The words, are mine. Read More →

Have you read my paranormal romance Waiting for Ethan? Well, now’s the perfect time. Starting Friday, January 19, 2018, you can download the ebook for FREE from Amazon. The “sale” will run through the weekend, so tell all your friends. If you do download the book, please do leave me a review on Amazon. I’d really appreciate your thoughts.  Read More →

July was Planet of the Apes month around my house. This past Sunday, we went to see the original 1968 feature film on the big screen, thanks to Fathom Entertainment and TCM. It’s wonderful to see these old films the way they were meant to be seen. If only I could have seen them without prior knowledge of the plot points! It would have been wild to get that first glimpse of gorillas on horseback, hear them utter their first words or see that final ‘gotcha’ shot as an uninformed viewer. It was still great to see it so large and uncut but so much of the joy of the movie is in the reveals. We’ve seen a few of these TCM Fathom Events at the theater but this one was extra special. Usually,  host Ben Mankiewicz kicks off each flick with a little bit of history and trivia. But this time, he interviewed a special guest, Dr. Zaius. What a wit! I didn’t see this movie in the theater during the first run (I was a bit too young) but I did see it on the big screen when I was in my teens. Anyone remember the Jerry LewisRead More →

My sister Linda lived in San Francisco in the seventies when they were filming the last season of The Streets of San Francisco. Here are a couple of pictures you shot of them filming on the streets. . . . of San Francisco. The photo above is a lovely closeup of Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica. (My sister has mad photography skills, unlike me) He took over when Michael Douglas left.   (WordPress is being weird, click the photo twice to blow it up to full size) If you look at the garage door, that appears to be Karl Malden trying to shake some sense into a young woman in the far shot. I don’t have that season on DVD yet, maybe when I get it, I’ll be able to figure out which episode this was.Read More →

In my mind, I’m a filmmaker. In reality, I’m a writer and sometimes crew girl. Since I’ll probably never make a film of my own, I like to support indie artists who had the guts, imagination and perseverance needed to put their vision on film. This week, I’m checking in with director, writer and executive producer Mark Edward Lewis. Mark’s current project is a scifi lollapalooza called Blade of Honor and it’s wrapping up funding next week on Kickstarter. I grabbed Mark in between takes and asked him three questions. (He would have answered 4 but I only had 3). Read on, then go over to Kickstarter and join the crew.   Tell us everything we need to know about Blade of Honor in two sentences. Mark: Blade of Honor is a sci-fi thrill ride filled with intrigue, sexy starships against the backdrop of a war that humanity is about to lose. It’s also the sci-fi series we’ve been waiting for since BSG and Stargate went off the air. (I’m going to butt in here and mention that the project stars Alison Haislip (Attack of the Show),  Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), Tim Russ (Star Trek: Voyager), James Kyson (Heroes), CirrocRead More →

I got my first look at The Haunted Mansion when I was 14-years old. In spite of the fact that I was completely enamored with classic horror at the time, I was still afraid to step inside that foreboding house at the end of the road. What was going to happen inside? Were people going to jump out at me (my biggest fear)? Was it going to be silly? Was it a show that we were going to watch from a little room? When the ride attendant stuffed us all into that little room, I got really worried and then crazy things began to happen. The room, wasn’t a room at all. It was an elevator. The magical paintings on the wall got increasingly creepy and then we were plunged into darkness. A hanging man. A scream. A crying baby and near panic, then the doors opened and I was led into an even more disorienting darkness. A long haul with windows that appeared to show a storm brewing outside. But how could they be windows if we were underground! Wait! We’re underground! (That thought freaked me out all by itself). Then we rounded the corner and saw the ride.Read More →

When I moved from New Jersey to California, I was all alone. My friend Jeannie had flown out with me, but after a week of playing tourist, I put her on the plane back home. That was a tough day. I had a return trip ticket, because it had been cheaper to buy a round trip than a one-way, so I could have called it off then and there. I was tempted, but I gathered up my courage and my sense of adventure and said good-bye. About now, you’re wondering what all of this has to do with the famous horror hostess Elvira, but stick with me, I’m getting there. As I walked away from that airplane terminal, I wondered if I had made the right choice. Later, as I stood in line to rent a car (mine was being trucked out from NJ and wouldn’t arrive for several weeks), I was sure I’d made a mistake. What was I doing in this big, smoggy city, so far from home? I had moved to Los Angeles to be closer to my beloved television industry, but I had signed a contract to teach school out in a small, desert town severalRead More →